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*Based on a December 2020 Trupanion study analyzing third-party hospital claims data, comparing pets insured with a Trupanion policy to pets without a Trupanion policy*

So you're thinking about pet insurance, eh? Well, we've got some great tips and advice for you in our 6-part guide all about pet insurance!

If you're in New York, Florida, Virginia, or California, stay tuned! Your insurance options are coming soon.

Figuring out pet insurance and which kind is best for your fur kid can seem like a lot of work, but we've made the process seamless by providing you with the 6 steps you need follow in order to get the best bite for your bark.

First things first.

Expert tip: Know the options for coverage types

Knowing your coverage type means knowing the different options you have when choosing pet insurance.

Generally, there are three types of pet health insurance:
1. Accident and illness - Covers injuries, in addition to any illnesses that may occur.
Accident-only - Covers accidents that may happen to your pet, like getting hit by a vehicle.
2. Wellness Plans - Covers preventative care costs which include annual checkups, routine vaccinations, and more.
3. Comprehensive Plans- Covers illness, wellness and accident expenses all together.
Different brands offer different plans and have different exclusions. This means that not all pet insurance is created equal. It’s also important to note that pet insurance generally does not cover pre-existing conditions.

This is why it's best to enroll your pets when they are young and at their healthiest.


Let's look at Lucy and Rocky's story:

Lucy adopts 8 year old Rocky from a neighbor when the neighbor can no longer afford to care for him. Rocky has feline AIDS (FIV) and about a month after he is adopted he starts having bladder issues as well. After Lucy adopts him she discovers he has never had pet insurance so his owner was paying everything out of pocket. This is likely why her neighbor had to give him away, as these medical costs were too much without pet insurance.
Lucy quickly realizes that because Rocky’s FIV was diagnosed beforehand, that care for it will not be covered by any pet insurance she purchases, as it is a pre-existing condition. However, Lucy was smart and went on a hunt to find the best plan for Rocky before she adopted him. She knows Rocky will need semi-annual exams due to his age, and that he will need to be neutered and have his bladder examined. So, when Rocky’s bladder issues begin they are covered by her Accident and Illness insurance plan. Lucy’s quick thinking saved her thousands of dollars that she would have ended up spending on simple exams and check-up appointments.
Be like Lucy and ensure you purchase the right type of insurance for your pet and that you get pet insurance as soon as possible to avoid paying out of pocket for pre-existing conditions.


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If you're in New York, Virginia or California,  stay tuned! Your insurance options are not yet available but coming soon. 

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