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*Based on a December 2020 Trupanion study analyzing third-party hospital claims data, comparing pets insured with a Trupanion policy to pets without a Trupanion policy.*

As they say, the 3rd time's the charm, and the 3rd tip of the pet insurance guide is not one you can afford to miss!

Our mission at PetHub is to help keep your family's pets safe, happy, and at home for the rest of their lives. One way we like to do this is give you the resources you need to be the best pet parent! As for picking pet insurance, we've made the process easier by providing you with the 6 steps you need follow in order to get the best bite for your bark.

Expert tip: Know your coverage details 

Let’s look at 3 aspects of coverage details:

1. Copays: A pet insurance copay is just like your own, it’s a fixed amount for a covered service that you will have to pay that insurance doesn’t cover.

2. Premiums: This is the amount one will pay monthly for their pet’s insurance.

3. Deductibles: The amount of out-of-pocket expenses you will pay before the pet insurance kicks in.

For reference, in 2021, the average monthly cost of pet insurance for dogs was $48.78 and $29.16 for cats. (

A good portion of these plans do not allow one to adjust coverage at any time, particularly when trying to decrease it. However, this is more of an issue if your pet needs upgraded coverage at some point because they have a new health condition that needs more intense care.

For an example of why coverage details are so important, let’s check out Jordan and Mattie’s story:

Jordan always felt pet insurance was kind of silly. Their partner pressured them into buying a plan because their dog Mattie was starting to get older. Jordan did a quick search and just went with the pet insurance that had the cheapest premium. After all, Mattie never had to go to the vet and was all-around a healthy dog - surely it wouldn’t matter. About a year later, as Mattie is reaching her senior years, she begins to have trouble moving around and is showing possible signs of arthritis. One day, Mattie loses her balance on the stairs and ends up breaking both her shoulder bones and one of her legs.

In a panic, Jordan and their partner rush Mattie to the Vet. They discover the total surgeries are going to be about $7,000 dollars and the copay for all the care, including X-rays and surgery is going to be nearly $3,000. Jordan is shocked and remembers that they didn’t think to consider the copays when checking out insurance, they just wanted what was cheapest and did not consider what would save them the most money overall. They also learn that cheap insurance cannot be adjusted to cover more needed expenses for Mattie and they’re now going to be out thousands of dollars, which could have just been a few hundred.

Don’t end up in this situation! Knowing your coverage details is the key to saving you the most money, while also covering all your pet’s needs. Our pets are so important to us and we want them to receive the best care, but we shouldn’t have to be burdened with huge vet bills to get it. Know your coverage details!

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