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Protect Your Pet: Microchips 101

Why Consider the Microchip?
Just as you carry ID to identify yourself should you encounter danger or get in an accident, your pet also needs ID to make sure they’re protected when out in the big, overwhelming world
How Does The Microchip Work?
Having your pet microchipped is no more dangerous or uncomfortable than taking them to have their yearly vaccinations. Once implanted, the chip stores information on your pet’s identity, including their name, age, breed, any illnesses or medications that they need, and your personal contact information as well.  
How Much Does It Cost?
Depending upon where you live and where you go to have the procedure performed, costs between $10 and $75. Many low-cost veterinarians and other animal care providers perform this service at a discount, knowing the lifesaving advantages the procedure offers.
Is The MicroChip A Form Of GPS? Unfortunately, there’s no way to implant a GPS tracking device that keeps you updated on your pet’s whereabouts. The purpose of a microchip is simply to identify your pet, keep professionals updated on any medications or health concerns that relate to your pet, and to reunite you with your beloved friend.  

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