Tagging Your Car Can Help Find Your Lost Dog Infographic

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tagging your car can help find your lost dog
Certain types of dogs can cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. An aloof dog may avoid strangers and head out of your neighborhood to a more secluded area such as nearby woods.
Tagging your car can help get the word out about your missing dog while you search outside your neighborhood.
Before you can write your message, you will need to use special markers that can withstand weather and will not damage your back window when it comes time to wash the message off.
The best marker for this job currently on the market is the NEOMarker brand.
When you’re about to write your message, understand that you have a limited amount of room to write an effective message. We suggest you include this information above all else:
  • The purpose of the message, “lost”.
  • The breed and color of your dog.
  • The area your dog was last seen.
  • The date your dog was known as lost.
  • Your phone number or email.
Tagging your car is not guaranteed to get your dog home but it certainly helps in the effort. Don’t lose hope and don’t stop searching. With enough determination, you increase the likelihood of being reunited with your dog again.