Tips & Tools for Lost Pet Prevention

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The team at Stashios has written a guest article for PetHub to help Pet Parents prepare for Lost Pet Prevention Month in July. Read futher for their tips and tools to help with Lost Pet Prevention.


Losing a pet can be stressful. Our pets are our family, and it is our job to be prepared for any situation. Here are a few tips to ensure our pets are safe all year:

1. Prepare and practice your safety plan
2. Keep updated identification, documents, and medical history for your pet
3. Secure your pet’s surroundings
4. Keep your pets collar updated with proper identification
5. Travel safe with your pet
6. Know your pet’s hiding places
7. Have a dog first aid kit available
8. Prepare for stressful situations
9. Be aware of your surrounds


Here at Stashios, it is our mission to bring healthy and high quality dog treats, that are inspired by the innovative pet parent from our design table to your home.

Licking can be self-soothing when a dog feels nervous, anxious, or bored. The Soothing Saucer™’s patented design promotes licking and helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

• Tension on the ball can be adjusted by loosening or tightening the bottom cup
• The rolling ball dispenses our Soothing Sauce

Soothing Sauce™ is stashed with all-natural calming ingredients such as Ashwagandha, Magnolia Bark and Lavender. These ingredients along with the self-soothing act of licking can help relieve anxiety in stressful situations including thunderstorms, fireworks or other loud noises, gatherings, anxiety, a surplus of engergy (zoomies), changes in the normal routine, travel or vet visits. 

Wrap-Up’s are a pliable pill wrapper for dogs & cats. They are a perfect solution for every size and shape of pill, capsule, or tablet. Transform a pill into a treat! All you need to do is:
1. Tear off desired amount
2. Wrap around pill
3. Serve to your dog or cat

Soft Chews+ are stashed with benefits with one option designed to help provide hip and joint support and the other option made for skin and coat support. They are packed with a whole lot of healthy and make an ideal size treat for daily training.

Meal Appeal enhances your pet's food with a dry meal topper made with all-natural ingredients, including pumpkin. Simply sprinkle over any type of dog or cat food!

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