The Complete Guide to Planning a Pet Friendly Roadtrip Infographic

The Complete Guide to Planning a Pet Friendly Roadtrip Infographic

Nothing can be more exciting than bringing your pet on a fun roadtrip. Just keep in mind you'll need to consider and carefully plan out a few things before you set off on your trip with your furry companion. We teamed up with to create an infographic that highlights everything you will need to plan out to enjoy a pleasant roadtrip with your pet.

planning a pet friendly roadtrip infographic

Prepare Your Vehicle

You don’t want your pets on your lap or wandering around the car while you’re driving. Get your car ready for your pets by setting up crates, carriers, or car harnesses to keep them secure. Don’t forget to deactivate the air bag for any seats your pets occupy. Or take advantage of an awesome pet seat belt so they can chill with the rest of the humans. Don’t forget to deactivate the airbag for any seats your pets occupy.

Talk to Your Vet

Call your vet to confirm that your dogs’ vaccinations are up to date and discuss any possible health concerns that might exist where you will be traveling. Also, ask about possible remedies for car sickness, diarrhea and restlessness – just in case! Be sure to get your pets microchipped before heading off, as well.  And take advantage of discounted online telehealth visit with Vetster!

Polish Your P’s & Q’s

You can avoid embarrassing and potentially dangerous situations by teaching your dog reliable “Come”, “Heel”, “Quiet”, and “Settle” commands. Practice is the key. Before you set out, test your progress somewhere with a lot of distractions, like an outdoor café or the dog park. You can get access to quality training from GoodPup or Dunbar Academy (and take advantage of your PetHub savings!)

Gather the Gear

Dogs need a lot of stuff when on vacation. Be sure not to leave without food, treats, medications, vitamins, supplements, food and water bowls, bed, toys, leash, waste bags, paper towels, carpet cleaner, an old towel, first aid kit, proof of vaccinations, medical records, photos of your pets, and most importantly, an external ID tag.

Less is More

With thousands of pet friendly places to choose from, it’s tempting to jam pack your itinerary hoping to do and see as much as possible. Just remember that less is more, so be sure to leave time to stop and sniff the roses.

Booking a Hotel

Before booking or planning a stay at a pet friendly hotel, be sure to ask plenty of questions such as: Does the hotel accept pets? Will you be charged additional fees? May pets be left unattended in a room? What amenities does the hotel offer? Any area restrictions? How many pets per room? Are there breed or weight restrictions? Limited pet friendly rooms?

Keep to the Schedule

Maintaining your dog’s feeding and exercise schedule as much as possible during your trip will reduce any anxiety he may feel about being away from home. Set an alarm to remind you when meal time is approaching, and set aside time each day to let your dog stretch, run, and burn off some energy – isn’t this what being on vacation is all about, after all?

Be Considerate

When you travel with your pet, you are an ambassador for all pet travelers – so make a good impression! Abide by the rules of the places you visit, especially keeping your dog on-leash and always cleaning up after him. Inconsiderate behavior can have unfortunate repercussions on future pet travelers and local pet owners.

Roll With It & Have Fun

When things go a little sideways – and they sometimes will – you can choose to let it ruin your day, or you can choose to see it as a new adventure. Dogs are great teachers in that they’re never attached to the outcome … where you end up, how many places you see along the way … those things are all irrelevant to your dog. He just wants to be with you and have fun. If you can embrace that mindset, you’ll see every detour as an opportunity to have a great time, and you and your dog will grow closer for the experience.

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