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What to Look for When Choosing CBD for Your Pet


CBD can help with anxiety, and it can also help alleviate pain, controlling seizures, and act as an anti-inflammatory tool. But where to start?

AKA How to Avoid Major Kitty Crankiness


While cats are most comfortable at home, some cats are good travelers. And some really, really aren't. (We have the cat scratch scars to prove it.)

No collar? No ID tag? No easy way home.


Only 33% of pet parents say they keep ID tags on their pets at all times. At one point or another, most pets don't wear the IDs that help them get home.

My Fur Kid Isn't Spoiled, I'm Just Well-trained


The PetHub team is passionate about pets.  And rather OBSESSED with these five pawsome pet products & services that we SWEAR by. 

Key Things to Do NOW to Prevent Pet Escapes


Some pets are escape artists. They just have a knack for pulling disappearing tricks. In fact, any pet can get out if a house isn’t escape-proofed.

A Must Read for Hairy Houdini Hound Pawrents


Want your dog to be able to play and explore the outdoors without the worry of them wandering off? Our Houdini-proofing guide covers ALL the angles.

Expect the unexpected when you're on the road with dogs


Even a travel-with-dogs expert can have a a pet go missing.  Go Pet Friendly's Amy tells Myles' tale and the lessons learned.

Essential Oils: What Pet Parents Should Know


Dogs have 40 times more scent receptors than humans. Because their world revolves around scent, aromatherapy is ideal for use with dogs.

7 Things You Must Train Your Dog to Do


Do you know the most important things to train your dog to understand to keep them safe? Key commands should be learned for emergency situations. 

Do's & Don'ts of Training Your Pup


We've all made mistakes when it comes to training our dogs! A leading dog trainer walks us through the most common pitfall of training our pups.

Weathering the storm with your pet takes planning.


According to a recent ASPCA study, 83% of pets live in disaster prone areas. Yet, less than 50% of pet parents have an emergency plan in place.

If only dogs could provide you Trip Advisor ratings.


Did you know that summer vacation time is the prime time for pets to go missing? Considering most pets don't REALLY like vacay TBH, is it worth the risk?