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Understanding, Preventing & Treating Anxiety


Being able to recognize dog anxiety, and the cause, is key in determining how to calm a nervous dog and developing a strategy to help them relax.

Worried your pup is singing "All by myself"? We get it.


While you’re at work, or just out of the house, you’re thinking about your dog. What’s a pet parent to do? Here are 5 ways to “fix” your dog’s home-alone-lonliness.

Canine Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes & Types


Dogs may be anxious for a wide variety of different reasons, and there are several types of anxiety, each with different triggers and specific treatments.

That cough or wheeze might not be a cold.


It's not just humans that suffer from asthma. It's more common in dogs than you might think. But do you know how to recognize a doggie asthma attack? 

Reduced Costs, Stress, and Unnecessary Clinic Visits


Learn how on-demand online vet care can be a game changer for you. Veterinary telehealth can provided reduced costs from the comfort of your own home. 

PetHub Staff Picks that save US time & money


Time IS money! Finding ways to save time AND money as a pet parent is a win win!

PetHub Digital ID Tags for Ultimate Peace of Mind


Say goodbye to old-fashioned metal ID tags. Say hello to PetHub - the ultimate digital pet ID tag to help keep your fur kid safe and sound.

Modern Pet Parents Need Modern Solutions


Curious about veterinary telehealth? Two PetHub team members share how it's been a valuable tool for them in improving their pet's health and wellness. 

Be prepared to use telehealth with helpful tips


Learn how to be best prepared for a telehealth visit for your pet by understanding what to expect from a veterinarian who provides telehealth services for pet parents.

Hefty fur kid costs emptying your wallet?


Technology has revolutionized the way we take care of our pets, DIY & upcycling is a THING now, and it's never been easier to stay within a budget.

Houseplant hunting cats and other precarious sitches


Your dog is a dumpster diving master. Your cat has never met a bouquet it can't shred in 2 minutes. But both pet pastimes are potentially dangerous.

TBF, my screaming during football games IS terrifying


Learn how to help desensitize dogs to loud noises. Help your dog conquer fireworks, loud music, cars backfiring, and more by taking these 3 easy steps.