PetHub Picks: Our Favorite Products for Older Dogs


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PetHub Picks: Our Favorite Products for Older Dogs

Three older dogs collaged together

Pethub's very well loved dogs Huckey, Petey, and Penny!

Maybe you just introduced a senior pup into your family, or maybe you have gotten the joy of seeing your furry friend on adoption day until now. Either way, they deserve the same love, care, and attention that they received as puppies.

Did you know that your dog is considered a senior starting at the age of 7? Though they might have just as much energy as they did when they were younger, it is important to start looking for effects of aging so that you can ensure that your pet is comfortable.

As your dog ages they still enjoy all the same things from when they were younger (lots of treats, toys, cuddles...) but they may need a little bit more help than usual. It is important to make sure you are choosing the right products for your dogs so that they stay engaged, healthy, and happy.

Here at PetHub we have the pleasure of knowing and loving some amazing senior dogs. Our team rallied together and came up with a list of their favorite products for our aging furry friends! We know every dog has different needs, but our hope is that this list will help guide you in figuring out the best way to love your pup as they are experiencing these changes.

Short on time? We've got ALL the goodies listed here in a senior dog Amazon storefront for you to easily find products mentioned.

PetHub Picks:

Older Boston Terrier chewing on soft stuffed animal.

Soft Stuffed Animals

When a dog gets to be 14 or 15 they deserve the same joy as younger dogs of ripping into a toy and pulling out all the stuffing.  As dogs get older we shouldn’t worry as much about getting “tough and durable” stuffed toys, because they are just too tough for them. Dogs enjoy gnawing on toys and LOVE getting to the stuffing and the squeaker!


Bulldog playing with West Paw Qwizl

West Paw Qwizl

A lot of dogs LOVE bully sticks, but the serious issue with them is how they become a choking hazard when they get chewed down enough. Older dogs are very smart, and in the case of our CEO Lorien Clemen's sweet senior pup, she would hide it knowing Lorien would take it away when it became a nub. Quizl is perfect to put the bully stick in the opening and it not only gives the dog a better “purchase” to chew on them easily, but it also prevents the doggo from swallowing the stick whole when they get chewed down!


Older dog sitting in a chair wearing a fleece sweater

Climate Changer Dog Fleece

Older dogs are not able to regulate their body temperatures as well as younger dogs are able to. This is the perfect sweater for your older pup to wear during those cold winters. Not only that, but The Climate Changer Jacket is made out of recycled polyester fleece! This allows the material to dry quickly and provides a lot of warmth for your pup without it being super bulky.


Older Boston Terrier playing with JW Holee Roller lime green ball

JW Holee Roller

This is a product we shared on our PetHub Picks: Our Favorite Toys For Young Puppies and we even wrote in that blog how it is perfect for all ages. Well, we stand by that! The Holee Roller can be a softer play for an older dog - or they can just carry it around to their hearts desire! 


Dog wearing the easy walk harness sitting in a backyard

Easy Walk Harness

This harness is a game changer for a dog of any age! This allows comfort for the dog and an easy way for you to guide the walk. As dogs get older, it is all about keeping them comfortable and this harness does the trick!


Older Boston Terrier sitting on KH outdoor bed in the outdoors

The K&H Elevated Outdoor Bed

Love to be outside? Maybe even go on camping trips? The K&H elevated outdoor bed is perfect for older dogs. As dogs age it is a lot harder for them to be as active as they once used to be. This bed allows them the comfort and a perfect perch to watch whatever is happening around them!


Older Chihuahua sitting in his bed wearing Pet Parent Diaper

Pet Parent Diaper

One sign to be on the lookout for as your pet is getting older is their bladder control. This is a common occurrence among older dogs and even more specifically common for female dogs. It took a lot of trial and error to find which product worked the best to help with this issue, but the most comfortable and form fitting was the Pet Parent Diaper. They have a sewn in absorbent pad and the exterior is completely waterproof. This reusable design is great for your pup and great for the environment!


Older Boston Terrier playing with Midlee Plush Ball

Midlee Hide and Seek Plush Ball

The opening of the hide-a-toy is big enough for dogs not to have to struggle with it as much as some other of this style of toy. The softer balls makes for a great “light” game of fetch rather than with harder/rubber balls dogs love to play with when they are younger. Another great way to utilize this toy is by putting treats inside the ball your dog can sniff out!


Golden Retriever playing with snuffle mat

Wooly Snuffle Mat

In our latest Facebook Live, Robin Bennett - a professional dog trainer and co-founder of the Dog Guru's, discusses why senior dogs should use a snuffle mat! It is important to work a dog's brain no matter the age, but especially important for older dogs. It is a great way to tire out your older pup who may not have the ability to go on long walks anymore. 



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