The Pet Parent's Guide to Picking the Best Pet Insurance (series) - 2 of 6

The Pet Parent's Guide to Picking the Best Pet Insurance (series) - 2 of 6

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*Based on a December 2020 Trupanion study analyzing third-party hospital claims data, comparing pets insured with a Trupanion policy to pets without a Trupanion policy.*

Welcome back for the second article in our Pet Parent's Guide to Pet Insurance!

Figuring out pet insurance and which kind is best for you and your fur kid can be overwhelming. But don't fret, that's where we come in! We've made the process simple by providing a 6-step guide for you to follow in order to get the best bite for your bark. 


Expert tip 2: Be up to snuff on your pet’s breed, age, and medical history.

Did you know that depending on your pet's age, breed, and medical history you’re going to need different types of pet insurance? The aspect that most insurance websites don’t disclose is that not one type of coverage is best for every pet. A German Shepard and a Chihuahua have very different needs and the types and prices of insurance available will vary drastically. Not to mention, purebred vs mixed breed pets will also see different rates of insurance, as purebred animals are more at risk for genetic health conditions and diseases. ( And if you rescued your pet from a shelter, it’s possible that you might not know their age, their full breed, or their medical history. This can make things even more difficult when determining which pet insurance is right for you.


Let’s consider Alex and Carl's Story:

Alex from California just adopted Carl from his local shelter. The shelter knows he is a boston-terrier mix but is unsure what else he may be mixed with. His age is unknown but projected to be between 6-8 years old. Due to his spritely nature, Alex doesn’t worry about purchasing pet insurance at first, he just assumes Carl must be a young and healthy dog.

Three months later, Alex and Carl are playing tug of war in the backyard when he realizes Carl has started limping and is getting tired much faster than he used to. Alex takes Carl to the Vet ($65) where they need to do an X-ray ($250) and learns that Carl has Hip Dysplasia, an issue very common in golden retrievers.

To keep Carl’s dysplasia from getting worse or causing him to become immobile, he will need to put him on an expensive new brand of food to manage his weight, a new joint supplement and anti- inflammatory medications and, due to the severity of his Hip Dysplasia, he will likely need hip replacement surgery in the future ($5,000-$6,000).                                                                                     

Alex is shocked at how expensive this visit and potential surgery could be. With Wellness Insurance the visit and X-ray could have easily been under $50 compared to the $315 he’ll pay, before tax. And with Illness Insurance this five-thousand dollar minimum can become only a few hundred dollars. What Alex didn’t know is that once a dog reaches 7 years of age they are considered a senior and are more likely to develop health issues, potentially leading to more or regular vet visits. This is why it’s important you are able to get a good sense of your dog's age before you make an insurance purchase. Knowing your dog's age, primarily if they could be a senior, is a good indicator whether you’ll need wellness coverage with your pet health insurance. This will help you save money when going to the Vet for check-ups, vaccinations or other minor concerns. It’s also important to familiarize yourself with their breed so you know what to look out for. And if at all possible, finding out a pet’s family or medical history can be the difference in getting a good diagnosis, as well as the right care for your furry pal.

Alex and Carl’s story is just a single example of what can happen in a pet’s life. Understanding what your pet’s specific needs are will help you determine what type of insurance is right for you!


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