Safely take your Dog for a Bike Ride


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Safely take your Dog for a Bike Ride

The team at Buddyrider have written a guest article for us for Lost Pet Prevention Month. The views and recommendations made are those of the guest contributers. PetHub reminds readers to review safety guidelines of products, including size and weight parameters when deciding which products to buy and use.

Do you long to take your canine companion with you when you go for a bike ride but wonder if it is safe?  It can be, if you do it right.

The Buddyrider Bicycle Pet Seat allows you to safely take your small or medium size dog (up to 25 pounds) with you on a bike ride.

The Buddyrider is centrally mounted between the rider and the handlebars, evenly distributing the additional weight in the center part of the bike rather than having all of the weight on the handlebars or towing the additional weight behind you in a trailer.  This gives the rider better balance and control over their bike and also allows the rider to interact with their dog and be in tune with how the dog is reacting not only to riding on a bike but its environment.

Your dog is secured in the Buddyrider with a four-point system.  The four-point system includes a collar and four-tie down straps.  Two tie-down straps are attached to the front of the seat of the Buddyrider and two are positioned at the back.  Each tie-down then is threaded through the collars which allow you to adjust the fit to your dog.

Your dog can sit upright in the Buddyrider or can rest its front paws on the paw deck in a partial laydown position allowing your dog to move its position to what is comfortable for them.

woman on bike carrying a yorkshire terrier in a carrier

Things to Consider When Riding with your Dog

  • Before riding you should check your bike to make sure that it is in good working order.
  • Whether you are using a Buddyrider, a basket or a trailer to take your dog riding with you, check to make sure that it is in good order; is it securely fastened? Check any screws/bolts etc., to see if they are tight as they can come loose over time while riding.
  • If you have never ridden with your dog, start slow by getting your dog familiar with the Buddyrider by first putting them in it on a solid surface prior to attaching it to your bike. Give your dog praise and treats to reward.  Once you have attached it to your bike, put your dog in and walk your bike for them to get used to the idea, praising them along the way.  When your dog is comfortable, start with short rides to see how they do and then slowly increase the distance.
  • Ensure that your dog is hydrated while cycling with them.  Take some water along with you, especially on longer rides or on hot days.
  • If you are going for longer rides, stop periodically and let your dog run around a bit and stretch their legs.
  • Safety first! Make sure to bring a charged cell phone, a leash for walks, reflective gear and an emergency bike repair kit. Be sure to tell a friend or family member where you're headed and when you expect to return, too. 

With a little preparation taking your dog along for a bike ride is not only safe but fun!

They love to feel their ears flapping in the wind, to put their noses to the air and sniff all the wonderful smells and to sit upfront and center in their Buddyrider being chauffeured by their pet parent!