5 Top Products to Spoil Your Pet

5 Top Products to Spoil Your Pet

The PetHub team might be small, but it's jam packed with people who are passionate about pets. We love pampering our own dogs, cats, and birds and we also love enhancing the lives of other pets in our respective circles. Did one of our team members host a dog birthday party for her dog last weekend? Yes, yes she did. 

It should come as no surprise, then, that we have collected our own list of favorite things we like to have to spoil our own pets, our foster pets, pets waiting for their forever homes at local shelters, and the pets we love and care about in our network of friends and family. Take a look at our curated list for recommendations on how you can spoil your own pet, today!


For many of us, streaming the TV for our pets whenever we leave the house has been common practice before the invention of DogTV. I would always turn on the TV before leaving the house, normally dialing into a nature documentary for a distraction. One day, after learning about DogTV, I turned it on after starting a free trial. I joked with my spouse that it was a marketing ploy and he laughingly agreed. Then we stopped laughing. Our dog was transfixed in front of the television. She was mesmerized, and I quickly realized programming designed for pets is no laughing matter. I've been an avid user since, and I recommend it to any pet parent who will listen!

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Hunting Feeder Kit for Cats

I didn't really realize the importance of meeting a cat's need to hunt, stalk, pounce, and play with its food until I started to foster kittens. Once I brought home a tiny cat carrier filled with tiny mews, lots of whiskers, and very sharp little nails, all mental pictures of serene moments filled with calm mealtimes went out the window. I watched the one-pound collection of kittens as they explored their surroundings and learned how to play with each other. They were learning skills, even if it just looked like one black cat hopping on another in some rough-and-tumble play. As they developed, their need for stalking and interacting with their food was something that was evident more and more. After researching for tools to help address this need, I learned of Hunting Feeder Kits from Doc & Phoebe. They are amazing tools at an affordable price.


A lot of PetHub team members have young and very active dogs. When I say "active," I mean, they need regular exercise and brain enrichment type activities to ensure they are happy and are not engaging in destructive behavior out of boredom. While a simple game of fetch can do in a pinch, the Chuckit! tool has been important for our team who want to throw a ball far enough away with little exertion on their part, especially if it's warm out. This toy, along with other types of enrichment and exercise has been incredibly helpful for the owners of energetic pups. NOTE - make sure your pet is wearing an activated PetHub ID tag when engaging in backyard play or play at local dog parks, or anywhere else for that matter. We want to make sure your pet is happy, safe and with you as they engage in enrichment activities and play!

Kaytee Natural Spray Millet Bird Treats

Not all of the pets in our team's respective families have fur. We also want to pamper the birds that we have grown to love over the years. Cockatiels, which is the type of bird our team member cares for, can live for over a decade, averaging around 14 years. They love to communicate, mainly by whistling and are incredibly intelligent. Providing positive reinforcement, including the use of treats like the Kaytee Natural Spray Millet Bird Treats can help to enrich a bird's life. 

Dander Reducing Cat Wipes

Okay, this might seem like a stretch when thinking about pampering a pet but keep reading to learn why we feel like cat wipes fit in this round-up post. Sometimes cats may need some help with grooming needs and the idea of having to give a cat a bath can be hard for many pet parents. Burt's Bees Dander Reducing Cat Wipes can help with grooming needs without creating a stressful bathing experience for a pet or their owners. They are easy to use and can help reduce redness and flaking in cats. These wipes can be used on cats in all life stages, and we used a TON when fostering kittens who were battling parasites. They were soothing on tiny little kitten bums while also helping to keep everyone clean. 

How do you spoil your pet? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram! We always loving seeing photos of your pet any chance we can get! Bonus points if we can see them wearing their PetHub tag! No matter what, we hope you spoil your pet today and every day!