10 Important Tips for Halloween Pet Safety

10 Important Tips for Halloween Pet Safety

10 Halloween Safety Tips Infographic
Halloween can be a really fun time of year for adults and children. It's not always a happy time for pets though. Many pets get spooked, upset, and go missing every year. Now THAT is no fun.
Follow these 10 tips will help ensure your pet has a safe and Happy Halloween.

1. Minimize Anxiety and Excitement

Know the signs of stress in your pet and if they demonstrate it give them some time away from the action. 

2. Be Prepared For Loud Noises

Halloween is known for as many tricks as treats, and there are plenty of sudden loud noises miscreants can cause. This can make already on-edge pets unhappy, so keep your ears open as well as your eyes.

3. Update Your Pet's ID Tag

Halloween can be scary to our furry friends, and holidays are often when we see spikes in runaway pets. Having an up-to-date ID tag and/or microchip is the only way you can be sure that your pet can have a chance to get back home.

4. Keep the Candy To Your Self

There will be a ton of it around, so you’ll want to take care to keep it out of your pet’s reach. They can be sneaky, so be extra cautious!

5. Use Caution When Dressing Up Your Pet

Playing dress up with Fido can be fun but follow these 10 tips to make sure your pet's costume is safe. Some poorly made costumes can be choking hazards and some can upset your pet if they can't see or hear properly.

6. Be Prepared For Scary Monsters

Even the friendliest and most human-loving pets can be frightened by a goblin or witch at the door asking for a fun-sized candy bar so, again, maybe it’s best if your furry friend is kept in another room.

7. Decorate Safely 

Animals love jack-o-lanterns, but they can be trouble, as they’re a great example of a fire hazard. In addition, cobwebs and such can look spooky, but it can also be a tempting choking hazard. Be sure your decorations are out of reach of your furry family.

8. Protect Your Dark-Colored Pets

There will be more people out than normal after dark, and dark or black pets can be especially at risk of being run over.  What’s even more scary is that a significant number of black cats disappear every year on Halloween – due to some not so nice people. Don’t take any risks, keep them indoors!

9. Protect Them From Stranger Danger

One of the holiday’s most fun traditions is trick or treating. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll get several strangers at your door that your pet doesn’t know, and they might interpret that as something scary. If you know you have an easily excitable pet, make sure you take preventive measures before the festivities start.

10. Guard the Front Door

Many dogs and cats go crazy when there’s a knock at the door or a doorbell goes off; this usually means new visitors and different pets react in different ways. Again, it may be best to keep them away from the front door, as repeated visitors can drive some pets loony.