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"It can happen to ANYONE"


Most animal control officers have seen it all, and know there are MANY reasons pets get lost, injured or in other trouble. So let's hear from the pros.

Some are really lost. Some just want new snacks.


It happens more than I realized after I talked to people in “the biz.” I’m not talking about intentional theft, but accidental theft. Yes, it’s a thing.

Dream vacay turn nightmare when the fur kid gets lost.


Vacations put you and your pet out of your familiar comfort zone. This means extra challenges to retrieve a pet that has gone missing during vacation.

Never been away from mamma-dog, adventures adhead!


Bringing a puppy home is not only a whirlwind for you, but also for your puppy! There will be many firsts and lots of fun (and lessons learned) during the first week.

Every Pet Parent's Worst Nightmare


The most dreaded feeling a pet owner can experience is realizing that they can’t find their pet. Take time NOW to learn what to do when the worst happens.

Mine pup is ENFP with a big dose of goofball. Yours?


These is no Myers-Briggs for dogs, but there are some classic personality traits that can predict HOW they will get lost (if they ever do). 

6 MUSTS for staying safe & together on the road


There’s nothing better than traveling with pets…but there would be nothing worse than having your dog or cat get lost when they’re away from home. 

Wanna have a chill & safe pet? Make them THINK.


It’s our job to make sure we provide our pets with the tools they need to stay safe and engaged when life looks different for them, too. Here are some basics to keep in mind.

What happens to your pet when you are gone?


Have you planned who care for your pets if you have a major illness or worse? Unexpected things happen. Planning ahead for your pet's care is critical.

Know these situations BEFORE your dog goes missing.


Sure, every doggo is unique and the best pup EVAH. Still, there are some frequent storylines for a dog that's AWOL (absent without a leash). 

Cuz, NO, a microchip by itself ISN'T enough


Sure, some cats slip off a collar faster than you strip out of sweaty gym gear, but you should never skip the protection a good collar & ID bring. 

Do you know cat CPR? Doggie heimlich? Stopping bleeding?


While pet first aid is by no means a replacement for competent vet care, there are some things you can do until they can get proper medical attention.