Penny's New Bed is always made!

Penny's New Bed is always made!

Have you heard about P.L.A.Y.??  No?  Well they are PAWSOME makers of pet beds and great supporters of PetHub.  Our buds over at P.L.A.Y. heard that Penny’s favorite bed had been “appropriated” by a big, goofy puppy named Ullr, and they just couldn’t let their favorite Boston Terror be without a place to rest up for her next “search and destroy all toys” attack.  So Penny is the very lucky recipient of a “Tuck Me In” comfy bed to get her beauty rest.  It’s cute and purple and perfectly sized (it’s sized small, but with ample room from stretching and lounging)…and because it is a luxury designer bed, she finally is able to embrace her inner diva to its fullest.  She truly loves it…and has made it very clear to Mr. Ullr that he may not sleep on her new bed.

Penny's Pretty New Bed Cover!!

One of the coolest parts of P.L.A.Y. beds is that they all have removable, washable covers that you can switch out with other fabulous designs.  And since our, um, “sweet” Boston Terror loves to roll in the grass and mud of her Seattle backyard…her mommy really appreciates this! If the bed has one drawback, it is the white portion of the design…it is adorable, but it got grungy pretty quickly.  But it is super duper easy to clean, and we’ve got a brand new (gorgeous!) duvet cover on the way so Penny always has a pretty place to sleep.

PetHub'er Cohen plays in the PLAY tunnel! (Photo by Julie Clegg of Bailey & Banjo Photography)

By the way, P.L.A.Y. also has some really neat other products, too.  Last summer we got to “play” with a PLAY Tunnel with a bunch of pups at a CityDog Muttmixer…and my PetHub pup, Cohen, loved it so much, he got his own!


For a limited time, P.L.A.Y. is offering  25% off ANYTHING on their website for PetHub members.  Just use code PETHUB25 during checkout to get this pawsome discount! Go to P.L.A.Y.’s website to check out their incredible selection of pet beds, mats, pillows and other cool accessories.

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