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Meet Chris Bailey

Leader of Licensing -- Sales Manager for PetHub Solutions

Chris's First Pet -- a Doberman named Tara
  "Tara was the first pet in my life, but my St. Bernard, Lucky, holds the most vivid memories for me. When I was a kid, Lucky was the best alarm clock. He would jump into my bed and attack me with his slobbery kisses. That is assuming I didn't just fly off the bed from Lucky's massive body launching me into the air!"
Current Fur Kids -- 
Currently, I just have my son, Owen, and my daughter, Ella. I play with other people's fur babies as much as I can.


Chris's Mantra  -- "Pets serve our communities, so how can I serve our pets?"
Why he works for kibble -- "It's exicting to be part of something that helps to make the world a better place, and doing it alongside such awesome people!"
Chris's Favorite part of Working for PetHub -- "Nothing is more rewarding than re-uniting families."
If Chris was a dog  -- "I would be a German Shepherd because I am incredibly loyal, and relentless in about the protection of my family, but I can also be a complete goofball and have fun."
And the PetHub tag he'd wear?  


Contact Chris:  866.795-8440, ext 714