Go Mobile!

Good news! You're already "mobile" with PetHub.com. We work with any mobile device without the need for a special app from us.

Wait.. what? More info, paw-lease

PetHub's ID tags work with any "QR Code"* scanner, including the support built-in to the cameras on newer smartphones and tablets. If you have a new Apple or Android phone or tablet, point the camera at our tag and take a photo. It will likely recognize that it's a QR code and give you the option of jumping to the appropriate page on our website to either activate your tag or view your pet's profile.

Older Phone? Lots of Options

If you have an older phone like many of us here at PetHub, you can download any of the "QR Code Reader" apps from your device's app store.

Getting started


*QR Code: stands for "quick response" and is a simple two-dimensional bar code format invented by Toyota back in the 1990s for tracking auto parts. In 2010, PetHub, Inc., filed U.S. and European patents for use of QR codes on pet identification tags.