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Weathering the storm with your pet takes planning.


According to a recent ASPCA study, 83% of pets live in disaster prone areas. Yet, less than 50% of pet parents have an emergency plan in place.

I just LOVE fireworks...said no dog EVER


Do you know WHY your pet is suffering from anxiety? It's crucial to understand the root cause of their stress to find the best treatment plan.

When you leave 'em, they'll love 'em.


It's scary leaving your pet in someone’s care. Let's face it -- things are different while you're away. But PREPARATION is KEY to pet sitter success.

Key Things to Do NOW to Prevent Pet Escapes


Some pets are escape artists. They just have a knack for pulling disappearing tricks. In fact, any pet can get out if a house isn’t escape-proofed.

Which one of these will YOUR dog fit? (Mine's the Tumble-lina type)


Social butterfly? Loan wolf drifter? Absent-minded scent sniffer? Explorer extraordinaire? Dare devil klutz? We've outlined how each might get lost.

Which type of fence is escape-proof? Depends on the dog.


Jumper. Digger. Climber. Gnawer. Bruiser. Lock-picker. Contortionist. Parkour champion. What kind of doggo is YOUR fence trying to keep contained?

To wire or not to wire? That is the question.


Coverage area? Easy to install? Adaptability? Portability? Range size? Reliability? Battery life? Cost? All good questions we can help answer.

Is he missing, or just trapped in the treat cupboard?


One of the challenges of being a pet parent to a loving feline is the need to frequently answer one important question: “Where is my cat?”

A Grab-n-Go Bag for a Houdini Hound


If you have a frequent flyer fur ball (or even if you don't), a lost pet tool kit is a MUST. We map out everything you need to make the search easier.

It's time to ditch the old-fashioned etched ID tag.


It's a fact. Multiple emergency contacts can help a lost pet get home faster -- traditional IDs just can't do job any more. 

How Real Pet Parents Found Fido Su-PAW quick!


Learn the top 5 proven most effective methods to find your lost fur kid. Real advice from real pet parents from their actual experiences. 

We've got the REAL data to prove what works.


Want to know the best way to get your lost dog home FAST? So did we. So we did a major survey with the National Animal Care & Control Association.