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(last seen: 07/02/2021)

Missing Cat! Answers To "Milo" Do Not Try to Pick Him Up! Offer treats.

Name: Milo

Gender: Male

Species: Cat

Breed (primary): American Short Hair

Breed (mixed): American Short Hair

Weight: 11 lb

License: ntn21-11175 Rabies tag: yes

Last seen location

The address below is the last known address or cross street of where Milo was seen on 07/02/2021

Kensley Dr, Madison, TN 37155 United States

(Date last seen: 07/02/2021)

Physical description / medications / other

Milo is between 7.5 and 9 to 11 lbs. He is heavy but not fat. He has a mostly white chin and a mostly white underbelly. He smiles when he sleeps. With his eyes closes he has whitish eyelids.

Loves water and likes to play with crinkle tubes. Loves to play with balls and does not always come to his name. Will come for food and treats. Knows how to play fetch. Will PESTER you for food, he is a big eater. Loves the sound of bells. Prefers to play with small mice that you can get in the cheap packs from the pet sections of most groceries stores. He prefers the fuzzy white mice (his is named Oscar) You might want to check out his dad's Facebook page (Doug Hoff). He loves to cuddle unless you try to pick him up. That has to be on his terms. He loves to help with chores. Cleaning litter boxes, filling up water bottles and helping to empty and refill ice cube trays.

Contact information

When Milo is found, please call the PetHub 24x7 "Found Pet Hotline" at +1 (855) 411-0123 or use any additional contact information provided below.

Phone: (615) 566-4099

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