(last seen: 01/06/2023)

Missing BIRD! Answers To "Oz"

Name: Oz

Gender: Male

Species: Bird

Breed (mixed): Green Cheek Conure

Weight: 0 lb

Last seen location

The address below is the last known address or cross street of where Oz was seen on 01/06/2023

Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825 United States

(Date last seen: 01/06/2023)

Physical description / medications / other

Oz has a chip missing out of the left side of his lower beak. It's not very large, but if you saw him up close you'd probably notice it.

As a Green Cheek he's not very large, small enough to comfortably full body nuzzle against your neck when on your shoulder.

He also does not have a leg band.

He's wary of strangers, though is open to taking snacks from them. His favorite snack is sunflower seeds. He's also partial to open chip bags. He might bite if he's scared and you try to touch him, he might also fly away if he's not stuck somewhere. Approach him with caution. His favorite word is baby, said like bAy-beE.

Contact information

When Oz is found, please call the PetHub 24x7 "Found Pet Hotline" at +1 (855) 411-0123 or use any additional contact information provided below.

Greyson Wotring - (916) 728 - 0872
Owner - Best as First Contact, easier to get ahold of in the afternoon hours

Kasey Williams - (209) 648 - 0180
Owner - Good to call in the mornings before 1pm, and after 10pm

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