(last seen: 07/07/2023)

Missing Dog! Answers To "Moose"

Name: Moose

Gender: Male

Species: Dog

Breed (primary): Unknown

Breed (mixed): German Shepherd

Weight: 65 lb

Last seen location

The address below is the last known address or cross street of where Moose was seen on 07/07/2023

42 palm ave, Woodland, Ca 95695 United States

(Date last seen: 07/07/2023)

Physical description / medications / other

Moose has dark ears and a dark snout and has some dark grey underneath on his chest but his body is primarily tan/blonde. His tail is very fluffy and he has a mane when his fur isn't trimmed down.

He is very very shy at first, but responds well with very gentle interactions. He can be an escape artist and has been known to get out of a kennel/crate/dog run. He hasn't escaped in a long time. He can sometimes have a bad right knee, a luxating patella that pops in and out but only bothers him when he's sore. He has no other health complications. He's a gentle dog that loves other animals and likes to be pet. He can be very anxious when separated from his humans.

Contact information

When Moose is found, please call the PetHub 24x7 "Found Pet Hotline" at +1 (855) 411-0123 or use any additional contact information provided below.

Phone: (530) 867-5746
Phone: (530) 400-3699

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