(last seen: 05/04/2020)

Missing Dog! Answers To "midas"

Name: midas

Gender: Male

Species: Dog

Breed (primary): American Staffordshire Terrier

Breed (mixed): American Staffordshire Terrier

Weight: 65 lb

License: 345542 Rabies tag: 940822

Last seen location

The address below is the last known address or cross street of where midas was seen on 05/04/2020

2399 brookhaven pass, Vista, CA 92081 United States

(Date last seen: 05/04/2020)

Physical description / medications / other

Blond/brown, Sad blue eyes, he Has a scar on the back of his neck from a skin allergy, Tall PitBull
muscular long legs, long tail and big Head, full size body he is XL Pit Bull

He over protects me and the KIds, he is a friendly playful Dog, he gets scared if he hears angry tone of voices, hates water or baths, dislike loud noises, and he will let you put his leash when you show him the leash, and he likes to do his business in the bushes where no one can see it, goes by Midas ( baby boy) and to calm him down I use the word lets time to go sleep in spanish (mimis) he love to chew up toys and stuff animals where you can't leave anything in the floor because its his to chew up doesn't know how to flesh or he made have short distance blind site, he cries when he wants to see someone that he knows and its near the home, loves chicken, and BBQ ribs bones he is a family friendly, we miss him my in-laws dont want to return him he was taken from my mother's house by them, I'm the register owner and have the paper receive Me and David purchase it a year ago and its good for 2 more years they had also so desperately try to change his information and ownership from his Lic. tag Vista Sheriff doesn't want to recover my stolen property since they had profiled me by their gossip and keeps saying its a civil matter but to me is theft since i'm the owner on his lic. the family is the one who needs to take it to a civil court room the law should give me my rights as right now the dog belongs to me

Contact information

When midas is found, please call the PetHub 24x7 "Found Pet Hotline" at +1 (855) 411-0123 or use any additional contact information provided below.

Phone: (760) 415-0409
Phone: (760) 453-6282
Phone: (760) 842-1045

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