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PetHub 10-10 Program

PetHub is proud to offer a fundraising program that not only helps non-profits generate support in their fundraising efforts, but also offers the fastest and most comprehensive solution to get lost pets home.


Qualified organizations will receive the benefits of:

  • Bulk purchase of PetHub Digital ID tags at far below wholesale cost.
    • Purchased tags can be re-sold, raffled or included as part of adoption kits
  • "10-10" Gift Certificates[1]
  • Customizable tags for large scale fundraising[2]
  • Raffle and auction packages for special fundraising events

In order to be considered for the PetHub 10-10 Program, your organization must meet certain qualifications and requirements, including:

  • Verified non-profit status
  • Creation and maintenance of a free business account
  • Commitment to distribute PetHub ID tags purchased through the program and ensuring that the provided PDF instructions(insert link to PDF here) are included with the tag


For a printable information sheet about our 10-10 program CLICK HERE
To download an application for our 10-10 program CLICK HERE

[1] Organizations are given a unique code for a $10 Gift Certificate off all PetHub products and services, on a printable PDF gift certificate that may be sold or included as part of adoption kits. Each financial quarter, PetHub will give the organization 10% of net sales produced through the voucher/gift certificate code in the form of a cash donation.

[2] Minimum purchase required for customized tags. Customized fundraising packages for bulk purchases greater than 1500 tags available for highly qualified organizations.