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Modern Cat Magazine Premium PetHub Perk

Modern Cat Magazine Premium Perk

About Modern Cat Magazine

Modern Cat Magazine is an industry leader in all things cat, the best cat magazine ever! Modern Cat Magazine has the inside track on understanding your cat’s behavior, awesome giveaways, essential wellness advice,  heartwarming rescue stories, and tonnes of adorable cat photos for you to enjoy.

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Modern Cat magazine is a purr-fect resource for cat lovers! Get inspired with great ideas and solutions for life with cats. Each issue features cool finds, stylish home décor inspirations, insight into your cat's behaviour, best buys, wellness advice, heart-warming rescue stories, adorable cat photos, fun DIYs, contests, and more! Modern Cat works to support rescue and the organizations that work tirelessly to help cats in need. Modern Cat is your guide to a better life with your cat!

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(Note: This is a subscription for 4 issues over 2 years.  Modern Cat publishes 2 times annually & is not a monthly subscription)

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