Update - 08/31/2017 - ** IMPORTANT ** was purchased over 3 years ago and its users alerted that their IDs were no longer valid. To help with the transition to PetHub, a free tag was offered at that time. As of 08/31/2017, that free tag offer has concluded.

# # # # # purchased by PetHub8/20/2014 ** IMPORTANT **
We are pleased to announce has joined with to continue our important mission of protecting your pets.
IMPORTANT: Registered tag owners: Your tag will no longer work after September 30, 2014. An email was sent to all registered owners in mid-August by, then again in early September 2014 and finally on September 28, 2014, by both and alerting users to the acquisition.
In that email registered users were provided the opportunity to replace their PetQRtags free of charge with provided:
  1. The tags were actively registered on, and,
  2. the request for a replacement was made by September 30th, 2014
From Mark Kooyman, founder of
"PetHub is very passionate about helping lost pets get home quickly and safely, and has the best suite of QR tags and expansive services to help accomplish that. From all of us at, it has been a pleasure protecting your pets for the last 4 years." Retailers:
While our original agreement with Mr. Kooyman applied only to registered pet owners, we would like to help you with your stock.  We have no way to contact you, but the domain has been forwarded to this page in an attempt to work with you.  If you contact us (link below), we will issue you a credit for each unregistered tag that you send us that can be used for an equivalent tag or applied to our higher end tags and collars. This offer ends November 30, 2014. After that time we would certainly like to work with you and we will give you a discount on your first order with PetHub, Inc.

If you have any additional questions regarding this acquisition, please contact PetHub Support.