Picking the Right Food for Your Dog

Picking the Right Food for Your Dog

The Science of Canine Nutrition

Choosing the "right" food for your dog can be confusing (to say the least!).  The options are overwhelming, the selection is HUGE. Where does one even begin to know where to start? You’ve got "Premium" and "Complete & Balanced" and “Grain Free” and “Natural” and "Raw" and a whole slew of other marketing terms. And what you wanna know, when you're looking at this really cool looking bag that you're pulling off the shelf, "Is it really meeting my dog's nutritional needs? Is this the best I can get for them? How do I know?"

The topic of this episode is the science of pet food, specifically dog food, and knowing what to look for when you are choosing nutrition for your fur kids. To help you navigate the dog food aisle and to also help us navigate the wilds of internet opinion about pet feeding, we've invited noted veterinary nutritionist Lisa Weeth to the show.

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