Should I Use CBD for My Pet?


Should I Use CBD for My Pet?

Pet CBD 101: Benefits, Bogus Claims, Legality & More

Pet Lover Geek is exploring one of the latest trends in managing your pet’s health: CBD. Experts estimated that the CBD pet care market reached $196M in 2022 and there are companies releasing their own new CBD pet products regularly. 

It’s really no surprise that CBD products are booming as marijuana is steadily becoming more and more recognized and legalized for medical use with humans. In fact, as more states pass laws legalizing marijuana for either medicinal or recreational use, or both, which means that almost half of all Americans can now legally access it.

But what does this mean for our pets? And is CBD different than marijuana (yes!)? We asked Dr. Judy Morgan - a leader in combining holistic veterinary care with traditional Western techniques - to walk us through what CBD is, how it might be able to benefit our pets, and what pet parents need to know when choosing CBD products for their pets.