A Few of Our Favorite Lost Pet Prevention Tools


A Few of Our Favorite Lost Pet Prevention Tools

Expert Advice on Lost Pet Prevention & Recovery Products

Kristen Levine fills listeners in on some of the best and basic products that will help make lost pet prevention and recovery simple and easy. As people who've listened to the Pet Lover Geek show know, Kristen speaks everything pet and she loves to help pet parents through her Pet Living platform. With over 30 years in the industry, Kristen has done it all, including founding Fetching Communications in 2003 and Pet Anxiety Awareness Month in 2017. Pet Living is one of the best resources on the internet for information and product recommendations for pet parents.

PetHub started Lost Pet Prevention Month in 2014 to drive deeper conversations around all of the ways pet parents can prevent a pet from becoming lost, as well as how to get them home quickly if they go AWOL (Absent WithOut a Leash).

Learn more about Kristen and Pet Living at www.kristenlevine.com