Modern Pet Identification & Licensing


Modern Pet Identification & Licensing

Munis Ditch Old-fashioned ID Tags to Save Pets

Did you know that one out of three pets in the United States will go missing at some point in their lifetime; or that only 17 percent of dogs in shelters are returned to their owners and sadly, only three percent of cats in shelters make it home again.

Here at PetHub, we work with a variety of animal welfare organizations to create custom licensing and rabies tag programs that help lost pets get home faster without ever having to enter the shelter. This saves organizations time, resources and money. For the past seven years, we've worked closely with shelters and municipal organizations across the  country doing this very thing.

The guest on the this episode is Jerrica Owen. She's the former Director of Strategic Initiatives at San Diego Humane Society (when this podcast was recorded 2 years ago) and current Executive Director of the National Animal Care and Control Association. We dig deep into what modern pet identification and licensing looks like for pet parents and how it can make their lives easier; how it can help them get their pet home faster in the event that they become lost.