Community-Based Return to Home Lost Pet Efforts


Community-Based Return to Home Lost Pet Efforts

Bring lost pets to a shelter, right? Think again.

As the crisis in U.S. animal shelters intensifies with a 4% increase in intake and a concerning 10% drop in adoptions this year, the need to keep happily homed pets out of shelters has never been more urgent. Filled to capacity, these shelters are grappling with overwhelmed foster systems and rising euthanasia rates.

Delving into this critical issue, this Pet Lover Geek podcast episode explores community-led efforts to return lost pets to their homes. This insightful interview examines the proactive measures pet parents and their communities can take to prevent local lost pets from ending up in shelters and instead, ensure their quick and safe return home.

Join host Lorien Clemens as she engages in enlightening conversations with Kristen Hassen, a renowned expert in animal welfare and pet recovery. With extensive experience in the animal welfare industry, including her recent role as co-founder of the Human Animal Support Services project, Kristen brings a wealth of knowledge on programs worldwide that are making strides in reducing the influx of stray and lost animals in community shelters. This project is an impressive collaboration involving over 2,000 animal welfare organizations and 10,000 individuals dedicated to transforming animal services in the U.S. and Canada. Kristen now helps lead shelters into the furture through her new venture, Outcomes for Pets. Tune in for an engaging deep dive into solutions for this pressing issue.