PetHub Mini-ReadyKit (bundle)

The PetHub Mini ReadyKit™ helps prepare you and your four-legged family members for emergency situations and contains the following:

  • WalletCard™ - The size of a credit card, the card fits perfectly in your wallet and includes a separate snap-off piece for a keychain. If you find yourself away from your pet and injured, the QR Code technology helps alert emergency workers that your pet may be home alone.

  • CrateCard™ - Designed to attach to your pet's kennel or traveling crate. Through QR Code technology, it links to your pet's free online profile allowing you to share emergency contact info, critical medications, dietary needs, behavioral issues and much more.

  • Window Cling - Statically affixes to the inside or outside window of your home allowing you to alert firefighters, etc., how many dogs, cats and other family members are in the home.


In General:

  • QR code and web address link to FREE online pet profile

  • US-based and staffed, toll free 24/7 Found Pet Hotline printed on all items (except window cling)

  • Provides easy access to critical medical and behavioral information

  • Multiple ‘Safety Circle’ phone numbers to reunite you with your fur kid FAST

  • Premium offerings also available for added pet-related services, including Recovery Suite of tools and telehealth

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