Get Me Home Club Small QR Tag

Did you know 1-in-3 pets will go missing sometime during their lifetime? When you purchase and activate your PetHub Get Me Home Club Digital QR tag you’ll have peace of mind that if your fur kid does go missing, you’ve got the tools to help them get home.

With pawsome features like PetHub Shelter Alerts, your community is alerted about your missing pet with one simple click. Automated instant, personalized lost pet poster template save you time and let you focus on the important thing, bringing them home. 

PetHub Digital ID Tags -- the ORIGINAL Pet QR Tag

Yup -- we invented and filed the patent for the world's FIRST pet QR tag back in 2010.

Since then, we've helped over a million pets stay safe and protected.

Proven & Powerful

96% of PetHub recovered pets are home in less than 24 hours or less.

Less than 2% of PetHub protected pets ever enter a shelter. 

3 Ways to Reunite

Scan the QR. Use the URL. Call the 24/7 number. 

3 easy ways to get your pet home quickly and safely.

Data Privacy is our THING.

PetHub ID tags give YOU the power. You control 100% of the data connected to your pet's free profile that links to the tag. 


Tag Features:

  • Links to FREE online pet profile

  • US-based and staffed

  • 24/7 Found Pet Hotline -- FREE of charge

  • Unlimited data & emergency contacts

  • Update any time, any where -- for FREE

  • Waterproof and durable

  • Works with any smartphone

  • Lightweight (0.875" tag diameter)

  • Optional Premium Services available

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