PetHub ReadyKit™ (bundle)

PetHub Digital ID Tags -- the ORIGINAL Pet QR Tag

Yup -- we invented and filed the patent for the world's FIRST pet QR tag back in 2010.

Since then, we've helped over a million pets stay safe and protected.

Are you prepared for any type of lost pet emergency?

Car accidents. Travel separation. Natural disaster. Squirel. 

Lots of things in life can unexpectedly cause your pet go missing.

The PetHub ReadyKit™ helps prepare you and your four-legged family members for any emergency situation.

Connected & Powerful

Digital ID Tag a QR pet tag for your pet's collar

QR WalletCard™ in case you get separated from your pet. 

QR CrateCard™ for your pet's kennel or traveling crate. 

Window Cling to place on your home for first responders. 

Everything links to your pet's FREE PetHub profile.

3 Ways to Connect

Scan the QR. Use the URL. Call the 24/7 number. 

3 easy ways to get your pet the care they need quickly and safely.

Data Privacy is our THING.

PetHub ID tags give YOU the power. You control 100% of the data connected to your pet's free profile that links to the tag. 


Kit Features:

  • Links to FREE online pet profile

  • US-based and staffed

  • 24/7 Found Pet Hotline -- FREE of charge

  • Unlimited data & emergency contacts

  • Update any time, any where -- for FREE

  • Waterproof and durable

  • Works with any smartphone

  • Lightweight 

  • Optional Premium Services available

Purchased individually the retail value of this kit is $37.80. 

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