Solano County - Tag Activation

Did you find a pet?
Please call

(210) 207-4738

Solano County has added "Powered by PetHub" solutions to their pet licensing tags. The owner has not linked this tag to their pet's PetHub profile yet. Please contact Solano County Sherriff's Office Animal Care Division to help reunite this pet with their family.

Hey, Pet Parent! Be sure to activate your new digital ID tag today.

Take advantage of the free lost pet recovery services included with your new license by activating your pet's new tag. PetHub's free services will not work if you do not link the tag to your pet's profile.

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The additional features included with your digital ID tag are optional. You do NOT have to register on PetHub for your license to be valid. However, registering on PetHub and activating our free lost pet recovery tools greatly increases the likelihood of your pet getting home again quickly if lost.

In fact, 96% of PetHub recovered pets are home in less than 24 hours.