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Anxiety Vest For Dogs


Thundershirt applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over-excitement. This gentle hugging produces a dramatic calming effect.

Good Health Starts in the Mouth


This non-toxic, prebiotic dog supplement help promote healthy bacteria for healthier teeth, gums, and fur-esh breath!

Stay Remotely Connected to Your Pet


Ease separation anxiety by remotely interacting with your pet via PetCube's HD camera, laser toy, 160° view, and voice control.

No Digging. No Wires.


SpotOn GPS Fence is accurate, reliable, and user-friendly. Create fences in minutes, anywhere, so your dog can run free without worries.

Anxiety Vest for Cats


Thundershirt combats anxiety, fear, and over-excitement with continual gentle hugging that creates a powerful calming effect.

Enrichment Feeding Tools


SodaPup developed a range of enrichment products that have benefits associated with making your dog work for their food.

Ultimate Stuffie for Puppies


Calm your anxious pup with Snuggle Puppy - it has a 'real-feel' heartbeat that provides natural comfort and reduces anxiety.

Monitor Your Pets At All Times


1080p HD video doorbell with advanced features for seeing, hearing, and talking to anyone from your phone, tablet, or PC.

Revolutionary Dog Crates


Diggs' Revol is an attractive, collapsible dog crate that is easy to set up, transport, and store.

A Loving Breath Throughout Life


ProDen PlaqueOff Powder for Cats promotes healthy teeth, gums, and fresh breath with 100% natural North Atlantic seaweed!

World’s Smartest Cat Litter


Pretty Litter detects pet health issues, changing color to alert owners - a real game changer for monitoring your cat's health!

Calming Music Dog Speaker


Plays frequency-modified music, clinically proven and vet-approved to calm nervous canine behaviors and reduce stress.