Hottest Tech Products on the Market (December 2020)

The biggest gift giving holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner. So PetHub picked the brain of Amy Tokic, the editor at, to learn about some of the hottest tech products on the top of her list this holiday season.

Now, it only makes sense that as our lives become more connected with technology, so do the lives of our pets. More than half of pet parents say that they have special tech just for their pets; and tech pet products range from smart toys, feeders, dog houses, litterbox, ID tags, you name it.



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Top Pet Tech Products On Amy’s List


Wickedbone - Starting at $79.00

Wickedbone is a bone-shaped interactive gaming device for your dog. With two different modes, you can choose to control the Wickedbone through the virtual joystick on the app or set the toy on Interactive Mode and the Wickedbone will attract your dog's attention without taking your attention away from your tasks.

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Whistle Trackers - Starting at $79.95

Whistle has two great heath trackers for your pet that attach onto their collar: the Whistle Fit and the Whistle Go Explore. Both options include health and fitness tracking (like calories burned, minutes active, scratching, linking, drinking, sleeping, and more). Upgrade to the Go Explore version and location tracking is included (using 4G LTE wireless service via AT&T). Both products require you to purchase the Whistle 360º Plan (starting at $59.40 per year).

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Basepaws - Starting at $99.00

Basepaws is the first-ever consumer genetics test for cats. All kits include a comparison with 4 main breed groups, 21 individual breeds, a Chromosome Map and the Wild Cat Index. Upgrade to the Breed + Health Kit and you can screen your cat for common feline diseases, including PKD and HCM. And it’s super fast and easy - just swap your cat’s cheek for 5 seconds and send it back to the lab!

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SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect - Starting at $180.00

This is a great techy solution for overweight cats, cats with medical conditions that require close monitoring of feeding, or multi-pet homes. With the app, you can monitor how much your pet eats and how often. There is also an integrated scale to weigh your pet’s food. The coolest part? The feeder only permits access to a registered pet’s microchip or RFID collar tag!

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PupPod: The Game Your Dog Would Make


PupPod Rocker & Feeder - Starting at $199.00

Is your dog bored or acting out? Give them a job with the PupPod Rocker! The PupPod Rocker gives your dog the mental stimulation they crave and the game gets harder as your dog gets smarter.

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BONUS! We sat down with Erick Eidus, the CEO at PupPod, to talk about the latest version of their super cool product! Listen to the interview starting at [26:07] in the podcast above or on your favorite podcast app!


A Couple More Of Our Favorites


Furbo Camera - Starting at $249.00

Be with your dog, even when you’re not! The Furbo Camera lets you see and talk to your talk, plus it allows you to toss treats to him when you’re not home. Some other fun features include night vision, a 160-degree wide-angle view, barking alerts, and the ability to record video.

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Embark Dog DNA Tests - Starting at $129.00

We couldn’t leave out testing your pup’s DNA in this post. Embark’s Breed + Health kit allows you to find out about your pup’s breed, ancestry, health, relatives, and more with a simple cheek swab. Embark looks at over 350 breeds and more than 190 genetic health conditions and traits.

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