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Meet the PetHub Sales Team & Learn Why They Love ACOs

The PetHub sales team has had the pleasure of working closely with Animal Control Officers and the organizations they work for over the years. It’s a highlight of our jobs, especially when we learn more about the special sauce that makes a community and the people who work for it shine!

The Pet Parent's Guide to Picking the Best Pet Insurance (series) - 2 of 6

Figuring out pet insurance and which kind is best for you and your fur kid can be overwhelming. But don't fret, that's where we come in! We've made the process simple by providing a 6-step guide for you to follow in order to get the best bite for your bark. 

The Pet Parent's Guide to Picking the Best Pet Insurance (series) 1 of 6

Figuring out pet insurance and which kind is best for your fur kid can seem like a lot of work, but we've made the process seamless by providing you with the 6 steps you need follow in order to get the best bite for your bark.

PetHub's LUV Stories

We might be biased, but we think we have the most PAWsome work family at PetHub -- and that includes our pets!

New Year Pet Resolutions Guide

Hi there, fur-ends! At PetHub, our goal is to keep your pets happy, safe and HOME for the rest of their lives. 

It's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

At Pethub we strie to fulfill our everyday values of Protect, Share, and Nurture. One of the most beautiful things all of us can do to Protect and Nurture our animal friends is to choose to adopt dogs in need at our local animal shelters.

10 Must-Know Fall Pet Safety Tips

The PetHub Mantra has been since its conception, we aim to: Protect. Share. Nurture. This means that we want you to know the most important information to help keep your furry friends safe & give you peace of mind

Pet Lover Geek: Finding Your Soul Dog

An important aspect of returning loss pets home quickly is understanding their motivations and perceptions so that you can best predict where your furry little friend has wandered off to, and why they might have got lost in the first place.

What Nutrients Do Cats Need?

Being a cat parent is incredibly rewarding. Although some may find them aloof or hard to approach, experienced cat owners know they can be some of the most loveable and affectionate companions you can find. And for all the unconditional love you provide, they’ll return it in spades — if even in their own unique ways.

All About CBD for Pets

PetHub has been around since 2010 with a clear goal in mind: Protect. Share. Nurture. This means that we want to help provide products and services that help keep your furry friends safe & give you plenty of resources to do so.

4 Things to Watch For in Older Dogs

Our dogs getting older is one thing we all as dog owners hate to think about. We want them to stay our little, lively puppies forever. As much as we may be in denial about our pup getting older, it’s important to make sure that we keep an eye on our older dog’s health and wellbeing to ensure they have the best quality of life possible. In this article, we explore 4 things to watch for in older dogs and how to help them.

Tips & Tricks for Life on the Road With Pets

A few months after everything went into lockdown, we slowly realized that working remotely would be our new normal. Team PetHub decided to take a vote on whether or not we should go back to the office or fully go remote - I think you can guess which one won.

What You Need to Know About Downsizing With Your Dog

Downsizing your home can be stressful. Apart from actually finding a new place that makes you happy and suits your needs, there’s also the logistics of moving to consider — not to mention the emotions that come with letting go of certain belongings, and saying farewell to your neighbours and memories.

Keeping pets safe on vacation: a guide for pet parents

Vacations are a time to relax, unwind and switch off — but for many pet parents, trying to find reliable and safe pet care you can trust can be stressful! So with summer just around the corner, we’re sniffing out some of the top ways you can keep your pets safe this Lost Pet Prevention Month.

Your ACO (Animal Control Officer) Questions Answered

Most of us have seen a movie where there is a “dog catcher” and they are usually not portrayed as very nice characters. Over the years this has created a stereotype for Animal Control Officers (ACO’s) which has also caused a sense of distrust for some community members.

Essential Tips on How to your Cat Home for Life

Cats are curious creatures and always on the lookout for a new adventure, but that daredevil spirit often leads them straight to trouble. Unfortunately, it’s not rare that cats go missing after venturing out, but there are ways to prevent your pet from getting lost and make sure that even if something happens, they’ll be returned to you safe and sound.

What Animal Control Officers Wished You Knew

The summer marks a three month window where homegrown fireworks displays could happen at any moment. While an annoyance for some, the loud noises can be terrifying for pets, triggering their fight or flight response. That, combined with warmer weather, open windows, and visitors who don’t always fully shut doors upon their arrival, could lead to a pet finding their way outside of the safety of your home.

Tips To Keep Pet From Getting Lost While Traveling

Traveling with your pets is a great way to make memories together. But having your pets off their normal routine and in unfamiliar environments  can make it easier for you to lose track of your furkids as well as keep them calm and entertained. Good News, you can follow these tips to help keep your pets safe, happy and with you!

Lost Pet Prevention Month 2021

Lost Pet Prevention Month was started back in 2014 with the same goal in mind as we have today - to educate pet parents on lost pet prevention & recovery. This year will be filled with Facebook Lives, articles, giveaways AND MORE!

The Benefits of Mixing Wet and Dry Food for Dogs

It sometimes seems like dogs will eat anything - except for those times when they turn up their nose at dinner time. Even if they have enjoyed the same kibble recipe for years, there are many factors that can cause your dog to suddenly stop – including age, health issues, or even a change in their environment.

Tips on Preventing Feline Dental Disease

Whether you are new to being a pet parent or have had your furry friend for years, we know how expensive vet bills can be - especially when it comes to dental. Luckily, pet technology has only gotten better and we now have access to tools that improve the life of our pet’s as well as our lives as pet parents!

From the Vault (Pet Lover Geek): All About Puppies

We are starting a new Pet Lover Geek series called From the Vault! We will be bringing back episodes from past seasons that we think are packed full of important and relevant information for pet parents. In this From The Vault episode, Lorien talks with Robin Bennett, Kim Paciotti, and Ruth Ann Lobos about puppies and what is important during that stage of your new furry friends life.

How to Choose Dog Food

When it comes to dog food, one size may not fit all. Dogs may have different nutritional needs based on their breed size and stage of life, and it’s important to consider this when making decisions for them so they can live the longest and happiest life possible.

You’ve decided to adopt a second dog. Here’s what you need to know.

Dogs bring so much to our lives; they’re the ultimate companions which help reduce our feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness, and can even teach us as kids how to be more compassionate and cope better with stress as we grow up. So, is having two dogs better than one?  In many cases, the answer can be an emphatic YES! But make sure to do your homework to make the right decision for your entire family, humans and pets included.

7 Things To Do if Your Pup Gets Loose

This is a featured guest article from Harper. A human training app for the modern dog and Apple App of the Day.

PetHub Picks: Our Favorite Products for Older Dogs

We know how important it is to keep your dog comfortable and happy as they are aging. Our PetHub team rallied together to share some of their older pups favorite and well loved products!

Every Day Is Tag Day 2021

We are so excited to be celebrating "Every Day Is Tag Day"! Tags are SO important to ensuring that your pet's are safe at all times. In honor of this special day we are offering BOGO on our PetHub ID Tag's! 

What’s Important for a Puppy’s Diet to Help Them Grow and Thrive?

Bringing a puppy into your life is exciting, but it can be overwhelming learning how to care for them in the best way possible - especially when it comes to food. It is important for our pups to have a well balanced diet so that they are at their healthiest while growing. We want to make it easy for you and explain what to look for when choosing your puppys new food!

Does your dog eat a lot? It might be genetic

Discover how DNA could be keeping you pup from feeling full after mealtimes, causing long-term health problems. Embark Veterinary's DNA test can help test for a gene mutation that effects your dog's ability to recieve the "I'm full" message.