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Finding a Lost Pet

The most dreaded feeling a pet owner can experience is realizing that they can’t find their pet. It happens to thousands of people every year and the feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming. There are, however, steps you can take to increase your chances of being reunited with your pet should this happen to you. With perseverance, marketing, your personal friend network and a little luck you can create an environment that is conducive to quickly recovering your family friend.

Winston -- Found -- Michigan

Meet Winston!  He was spending the day with some family friends and snuck out to explore! Luckily for him, he had his PetHub tag on.  His mom, Christina, shared her story with us:  

Tempe -- Found -- Michigan

Meet Tempe!  She went on an adventure while Mom was at work, but fortunately a helpful human picked her up and scanned her tag!  Her mom, Amy, shared her story with us:  

Pisco -- Found -- Vancouver, WA

This morning, we got the BEST kind of customer email.  Pisco had been missing for 5 days...but thanks to his PetHub tag, he is now home, safe and sound!  

Found -- Brodie -- Alberta, Canada

Cuddled close to his sister, the little red puppy glanced at us sideways, battling curiosity with apprehension. The last puppies from a litter of many, they had been through this before. It was as though they knew that one of them would be left behind. Feeling guilty, I contemplated taking them both.   “Which one?” asked my husband Bob.  

Diesel -- Found -- Arkansas

Say hello to Diesel!  He managed to dig out from under the fence while Mom was on vacation, but he was found and returned home thanks to his PetHub tag!  Kelly, Diesel's mom, shared her story with us:

Aalla - Found - Saskatchewan

Aalla had quite the adventure during a summer thunderstorm, but her PetHub tag had her safely back home!  Her mom, Brittany, shared Aalla's story with us:

Shadow -- Found -- Ontario, Canada

Meet Shadow!  She managed to sneak out in the snow and ice, but she was returned home almost immediately thanks to her PetHub tag!  Her dad, Dave, shared his story with us:

Lucy -- Found -- Seattle

Meet Lucy!  She snuck out of the fence to go exploring the neighborhood, but was brought home safely thanks to her PetHub tag!  We're glad she got home safe and sound!

Maggie -- Found -- Ontario, Canada

  Meet Maggie! She went missing shortly after the calendar flipped over to 2013, but she fortunately   got home thanks to her PetHub tag! Her mom, Denise, shared their story with us:

Miga -- Found -- Mill Creek, WA

Meet Miga!  This cutie took a detour while hiking with her dad, but was found by a good samaritan who scanned her PetHub tag. She was reunited with her family in less than an hour!  Her mom, Maggie, shared her story with us:

Caz -- Found -- California

Meet Caz!  He wanted to get a head start on trick-or-treating, but luckily he got home safely before he ran into any vampires or ghosts!  His mom, Ruth, shared her story with us:

Grizzlie -- Found -- Texas

Meet Grizzlie!  This adorable little guy escaped but managed to get home safely thanks to his PetHub tag!  His mom shared her story with us:

Max -- Found -- Texas

Say hi to Max!  Max loves to run, and unfortunately he sometimes doesn't wait for his family to join him!  His mom, Leslie, shared his story with us:

Titan -- Found -- Oregon

Meet Titan! Titan snuck out to go play with the neighbors, but he decided to go exploring further before his dad could reel him in.  Dad shared his story with us:

Frank -- Found October 2012 -- Oklahoma

Meet Frank! After moving to his new house, Frank wanted to escape the back yard and meet his neighbors!  Luckily, he was brought home safe and sound thanks to his PetHub tag!  Frank's mom, Chasity, shared her story with us:

Heath, Jonah, and Zorra -- Found -- Wyoming

Meet Heath, Jonah, and Zorra!  They decided to sneak out and go exploring while their mom was out of town!  Luckily, she found out they went missing when someone scanned Heath's PetHub tag, and the family was reunited!  Here is her story:

Daisy Mae - Found --TWICE -- Florida

Back in June, Daisy Mae snuck out the back door when no one was looking. Luckily, she got home safe and sound that same day thanks to PetHub!  Later in August, Daisy Mae practiced her Houdini skills once again and this time...her guardians were able to figure out her trick! Once again, her PetHub tag was the key to getting home, safe and sound.  Her guardians are thrilled with PetHub's superior service:

McKale - Found - Texas

McKale decided he wanted to join his family in the middle of their vacation.  Fortunately, he was returned home before he took the wrong bus with the help of his PetHub tag!

Harley -- Found

Meet Harley! Harley escaped while her mom was on vacation.  Luckily, she was able to stay with her pet-sitter until mom got back!  Here is her story:

Castle - Found --TWICE - California

Meet Castle! Back in June, she wandered away from home and found herself in a strange neighborhood.  Luckily, a Good Samaritan was able to return her home the next day, thanks to her PetHub tag!

Sadie May -- Found -- Minnesota

Sadie May became a locksmith for the day, slipping three locks to escape!  Luckily, her family got her back in less than an hour thanks to her PetHub tag!

Hub -- Found -- Kansas

Hub flew the coop and his parents were very worried!  Thanks to PetHub, he got home safely a few days later!