Top Stories from 2020

The PetHub team has scoured the internet for some of the best stories from 2020. After a year of unknowns and challenges, we wanted to bring our Pack stories that made us smile, laugh, and feel hopeful.

We had some fun with this post and categorized 24 stories into eight “Most Likely To…” themes (all lovingly based on our 12th grade yearbooks). Take a look at the stories we selected as our winners and runner-ups -- see one you especially like? Let us know on social media @Pethub or share your own favorite stories with us!

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day

2 year old with cleft lip adopts puppy with cleft lip Photo: Jackson County Animal Shelter/Facebook

2-year-old born with cleft lip adopts puppy with cleft lip (Good Morning America)

These two are a match made in heaven! Ever since bringing her home, the little puppy with the cleft lip hasn't left Bentley's side. This story melted our hearts and we know it will make you smile! Read Full Story...

Fluffy dog in front of computer

You can now meet and adopt a dog on Zoom (Mashable)

COVID put a lot of things on hold in the spring of 2020, including in-person adoptions at animal shelters. Pedigree stepped in to help a number of shelters host adoption Zoom meetings. Read Full Story...

Kitty paw on human hand

Baby and cat have a funny conversation every morning (Parenting Isn't Easy)

We all have that special friend where it seems like we have our own secret language. Well this baby and her kitty feel the same way! Lucky for us it was all caught on camera - good luck interpreting! Read Full Story...


Most Likely to Succeed

Dogtor Loki with owner CarolinePhoto: Caroline Benzel/CNN

Loki the therapy dog is delivering care packages to ICU nurses during the pandemic (CNN)

Virtual visits from Dogtor Loki and her mom, Caroline, helped boost the morale of patients and staff at the front and center of the coronavirus. We think Dogtor Loki is just getting started with the amazing work she is going to accomplish as a therapy dog! Read Full Story...

Lt Dan in JP Martin Yearbook Photo: Hearld Guide

Service dog finds spotlight, picture in JP Martin yearbook (Herald Guide)

Wringley has made a huge different in Wyatt's life, and his school honored that by adding Wringley to the yearbook (since he by Wyatt's side every day at school). We love this duo and think Wringley is the best sidekick a boy could have! Read Full Story...

Be More Dog PhotoPhoto: Belinda Richards/Insider

A photographer's inventive dog portraits show just how human-like our pets can be (Insider)

The "Be More Dog" series by photographer Belinda Richards is a humorous exploration and commentary of current events, socail constructs, and ideology using animals as a stand in for people (she told Insider). Read Full Story...


Most Likely to Become A Comedian

Zoom call with two dogs and manPhoto: Andrew Cotter/Twitter

A BBC sports broadcaster held a Zoom meeting with his 2 dogs to deliver their annual performance reviews (Insider)

BBC broadcast, Andrew Cotter, recently had to have a ruff conversation with his two "employees", Olive and Mabel. He reported that their performance was unsatisfactory after they ruined the sofas and had not caught a single squirrel they chased. Read Full Story...

Cat looking at camera on counter tops

Hilarious pictures capture the moment stunned animal lovers discover curious creatures making themselves at home (Daily Mail)

Cats are very mysterious beings, but this takes it to a whole new level! People around the world are sharing photos on Facebook of "stranger" cats wandering into their house, sleeping in their bed, drinking their water, and just settling in! Read Full Story...

Monkey with mouth open

42 hilarious finalists in this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (Insider)

These photos will surely make you smile! The gallery of photos is a mixture of lions, hippos, monkeys, and more with humorous poses and human-like expressions. Read Full Story...


Most Likely to Break A World Record

Simone and Scraps playing with dog photo boothPhoto: Simone Giertz/YouTube

YouTuber builds pooch-sized photo booth that lets her dog take selfies in exchange for treats (People)

Scraps is quickly on her way to taking the most dog selfies thanks to her mom, Simone, building her a doggie selfie booth. Be sure to check out the stylish PetHub Digital ID tag on Scraps, too! Read Full Story...

Border Collie with rope toy in mouth

"Genius Dog Challenge" kicks off to determine whether 6 of the world's smartest dogs can learn new names (CNN)

The race to determine the world's smartest dog has begun! SIz dogs around the world competed to see who could learn the names of new objects. One dog took the "bone" (results were announced December 16). Read Full Story...

Ricardo in house with dogsPhoto: Ricardo Pimentel Cordero/Facebook

Man opens up his home to shelter 300 dogs from a hurricane: "It doesn't matter if the house is dirty" (Good News Network)

Ricardo Pimenel sheltered more than 300 animals in his home during Hurricane Delta. While his house took a beating in the storm, all animals survived and were able to be adopted! Read Full Story...


Most Likely to Win A Nobel Prize

Animal at Safe In Austin Photo: Safe In Austin/Good News Network

At this farm, children with special needs connect with injured animals to form healing friendships (Good News Network)

We all know the human-animal bond is truly special, and Safe In Austin is an animal sanctuary using this bong to build healing friendships between animals and people. Anyone is welcome at this ranch, and everyone is likely to find a special animal to connect with! Read Full Story...

Border Collie smiling in front of camera with man and woman

Dogs are humans' oldest companions, DNA shows (BBC)

A recent study of dog DNA traced dog domestication back 11,000 years (to the end of the last Ice Age)! What does this mean? Dogs were doesticated before any other known species. It seems like our ancestors loved their furry family member just as much as we do! Read Full Story...

Woman taking selfie while hugging big black dog

How dogs can help us live longer, healthier lives (Science Focus)

A new wave of research into the science of aging is happening with dogs. Why? Dogs and humans are much more alike than you might think, and understanding how dogs age can help us learn more how humans age. Read Full Story...


Most Likely to Make The Planet A Better Place

Turtle swimming in ocean

Rare turtle lays eggs on tourist-free Thai beach (Reuters)

Has the pandemic enabled you to get some much needed family time? This endangered sea turtle is thankful for the unusually human-free island that allowed her a quiet place to lay at least 80 eggs in June. Read Full Story...

Doctor on computer screen for telehealth appointment

Vet  telecare surges as first US pets test positive for coronavirus (CNBC)

Telehealth has steadily grown in popularity over the past few years in human healthcare, but it was unheard of in veterinary medicine until Covid forced the industry to rethink how they provide services to pets. Read Full Story...

Want to learn more about telehealth and veterinary medicine? Check out our epiode of Pet Lover Geek where we explore that very topic!

It is important to note that while pets can get Covid-19, the likelihood of them spreading the virus to a human is low (CDC).

Person petting robotic furry kittenPhoto: Hasbro/CNN

Lifelike robotic pets are helping isolated seniors avoid loneliness (CNN)

These robots are designed to feel, look and sound like real pets. After a one-year pilot program, 70% of the participants reported a decrease in isolation. We love when technology is being used to support people through difficult times! Read Full Story...


Most Likely to Become Instagram Famous

Older blind golden retriever with puppy golden retrieverPhoto: @tao_mr_winky/Instagram

Blind Golden Retriever gets adorable guide dog puppy to help him get around and have fun (People)

After losing his eyesight, the 11-year-old Tao's parents got him a puppy friend. After welcoming Oko into the family not only became Tao's new best fiend but also his guide dog! Read Full Story...

Hound dog in bunny ear and back leg supportPhoto: Cadbury/CNN

Lieutenant Dan the two-legged hound has been named the next Cadbury Bunny (CNN)

Lt. Dan beat out some tough competition to become the next Cadbury Bunny. The rescue pup was born with a deformity that resulted in the amputation of his back legs. Now he hops around on his two legs, just like the Easter bunny might! Read Full Story...

Brown dog in odder with a tiePhoto: @tuscon_prime/Instagram

Stray dog keeps visiting a Hyundai dealership, they give him a job and his own badge (Bored Panda)

This doggo, lovingly names Tucson Prime, in Brazil found himself with a job and getting adopted, all while becoming famous. Everyone wants a co-worker like Tucson! Read Full Story...


Most Likely to Become President of the United States

Campaign yard sign for Betty the Cat Photo: Nathan Frandino/Reuters

Change Meow: the California neighborhood where dogs and cats are vying for mayor (Reuters)

We enjoyed this fun story during elections this year. The 55th Street mayoral race in Oakland had cats and dogs running against each other in a competitive race. These pet parents sure were creative with their campaigns! Read Full Story...

Golden Retriever with six balls in mouthPhoto: Georgie Silvarole/USA TODAY Network New York

Finley, the dog that holds 6 tennis balls in its mouth, sets Guinness World Record (USA Today)

A good president needs to juggle many balls at once, and we think Finley has proven he is definitely capable! This 6-year old Golden Retriever is remembering to stay humble in his new fame, said Finley's family. Read Full Story...

Little black and white kitten in person's arms Photo: Guardian of Resuce/People

Army soldier helped through difficult deployment by rescue kitten working to bring cat to US (People)

Sergeant Ash rescued a calico kiten, named Rona, and nursered her back to health while deployed in the Middle East. Now, Guardians of Rescue is helping her bring her new fur kid back to the United States. Wouldn't Rona be the cutest "Firs Cat"?!  Read Full Story...