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Per the GDPR requirements, although we notify all of our users how we use their personal data through our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, the GDPR requires that permission be asked explicitly and separately from our other sign-up forms. We hereby ask your permission to use your personal data before allowing you to create an account on

  • What personal data do we ask for?
    • Name of pet owner(s)
    • Phone number(s) of pet owner(s)
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    • Address(es) of pet owner(s)
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  • We use this information for these primary reasons:

    • Notifications for reuniting you with your lost pet
    • Processing any purchases you may make through your PetHub account
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    • Introductory educational emails about the PetHub service

    In addition, you have the option of opt-in to email communications such as newsletters and special product offers.

  • What do we do with your personal data?
  • This information is stored in our system as part of your account. You have the option to control what is publically visible via your pet's online profile and what is only visible to PetHub's staff. Should you choose to make your personal contact information public on your pet's profile, it may be shared with any persons that find your lost pet in order to reunite the pet with you.

    In addition, should you make any purchases through, your personal information is shared with 3rd parties to provide the service or product you purchased.

  • Can you withdraw your permission?
  • Yes, you may withdraw your permission at any time by contacting us at

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