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5 Cool Online Pet Recovery Strategies



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Lost and Found Websites
Good Samaritans who find pets might stick with what they already know. Think about and to post your missing pet. This is a good “old fashioned” online approach but instantaneously and globally available. Try lost-pet specific sites like or
Shelter Websites
These should be part of your strategy, especially if your pet is missing due to a natural disaster. Start with and be sure to check with your friendly neighborhood Humane Society.

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Pet Retrieval Websites
These offer several services, inlcuding a broadcast service which quickly notifies vets, shelters and pet stores when someone reports a missing pet -- and some even help you find a local pet dectective! Check out,, and
Social Media Networks
Yes, Social Media is a key tool in lost pet recovery. Consider Tweeting ( and posting info on your Facebook ( page when you need help from your local friends quickly.
Resource Portals
This newest category covers sites like which offer many tools described above—including the use of social media and broadcast services (like a Shelter “Pet Amber” Alert)—plus the ability to print a well-designed “Lost Pet” sign that you create before you ever need it, and the latest in cutting-edge technologies with their digital ID tags. 96% of pets that get lost get returned home within 24 hours thanks to this service.
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