Digging into PetHub Tech - How to Set-Up Privacy Controls and Access Information

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The name "PetHub" isn't just something that is catchy (although, we're pretty proud of how catchy it is). When we created the company, our mission was to establish a "hub" where all your pet's essential information can live for easy access. Having the ability to include medical information, vaccination records, behavioral traits, and the contact information for multiple safety circle pet caretakers is one of the reasons PetHub is such a valuable tool for pet parents.

We recognize the value in having a single "hub" but we also know that you, as a pet parent, have legitimate questions and concerns about who is able to gain access to your contact information, the contact information for other safety circle members you've added, and health or behavioral information you've added for your pet.

Instant Access

Do me a favor, go grab your pet's PetHub tag for a sec. If it's attached to a pet's collar, please promise me you're telling your pet how much you love them as you grab the tag. Okay, now that you have the tag, you can see that one side has a design, whether it's our "Get Me Home Club" tag or something with the logo of your local veterinarian, animal shelter, or possibly from a brand like BarK. The other side has three options for instant access. There's a QR code in the middle, a toll-free 24/7 found pet hotline number on the left, and there's a link with pethub.me/ and a unique series of numbers and letters on the bottom. 

These three options allow anyone who finds a lost pet to be able to contact you or the other people you've indicated as members of your Safety Circle. 

Privacy Control

The next logical question after seeing that there are three ways a person could access you or your Care Circle's contact information is probably "wait, who sees what and how can I control that?" In a world where information privacy is something many people are hyper aware of, these questions make perfect sense. Here's how PetHub helps to protect your privacy.

If a person finds your pet, and they scan the QR code OR the use the link on the bottom of the tag, they will only see the information you've opted in to being shared. If a person finds a pet and calls the toll free number on the left, a real human (one of our awesome "Found Pet Hotline" agents) will be able to look up other key information that you might not have published which allows that individual to help connect you with the person who has found the pet without divulging specific details you would rather not share. 

You can update your privacy control preferences as often as you'd like.

Scan Notifications

If you're ever curious about when and where your pet's tag has been scanned, it's a feature you can access once you're logged into your account. 

Look at the top left of your pet's profile. There are three buttons: "My Pets," "Show All," and "Add a Pet." If you click on "Show All," you'll be able to see your Safety Circle information through the first button and if and when your pet's tag has been scanned and where that took place through the second button ("View Tag Activity").

Comprehensive Dashboard Tour

If you ever thought "gee, I wish I could hear directly from the person who created a company as they explain the technology that exists because of their creativity." Your wait is now over! Check out the comprehensive dashboard tour our founder and CTO, Tom Arnold cooked up for you!








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