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Lost Pet Recovery Steps

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Losing a pet is stressful, and it can be unclear on what you should be doing in order to find them. This checklist should help you with the process of trying to recover your lost pet.

Update your pet profile on and verify all your contact info is current.
Call the microchip provider to verify they have current info on your pet.
Create lost pet posters. You can instantly create a lost pet poster from your pet’s profile on PetHub.
Share on social media, and ask your friends and family to share it. From PetHub, you can directly share your lost pet report on your social media pages.
Inform your local shelters and veterinary offices about your missing pet so they can keep an eye out for them. PetHub offers a shelter alert service that allows you to send an alert to your local shelters and veterinary offices*.
Mobilize your network of family and friends. If your pet has only been missing for a short period of time, going out on foot is the best method as opposed to a vehicle.
Report your animal missing on
Leave clothes near your door. Hopefully your pet can catch your scent if they are nearby.
Beware of scammers. If they cannot describe your pet beyond what is on the flyer or they don’t want to show an image of the pet, steer clear.
Search until found. Keep visiting shelters, keep asking around the neighborhoods, and keep posting flyers. There are pets out there that have been reunited with their owners months after they went missing. Don’t give up and your pet will thank you!
*These services are only available to PetHub premium pack members. Learn more about premium services at