Thanksgiving Safety Tips

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1.  Turkey. Consuming raw meat and fat can make your pets sick--not to mention, cooked bones are choking hazards to both cats and dogs. Also, don’t forget the dressing--the onions and garlic you use to season your turkey can be life threatening. We all love to share treats with our pets but when it comes to turkey, it’s best not to share.
2. Stuffing. Mushroom, sage, onions and garlic—oh my! Stuffing may seem harmless but it packed full of ingredients that can poison your pets.
3. Don’t leave your pets outside for prolonged periods of time. It doesn’t have to be winter for it to get cold--especially for puppies, senior pets and smaller animals. It may be tempting to leave them outside for longer than usual if you have guests over but beware of the cold.
4. Beware of bread dough. Raw bread expanses in the stomach and can cause intestinal blockage that can lead to death.
5. Nuts. Macadamia nuts are just as lethal chocolate. Other nut varieties such as; cashews and walnuts aren’t as deadly as Macadamias but they can still make your pooch very ill.
6. Make sure your pet’s ID tag is up to date. All the chaos of the holidays can open up a lot of opportunity for getting lost. It takes just 5 minutes to make sure all your pet’s information is up to date .
7. Make holiday arrangements with your dog walker, pet sitter or doggy day care NOW. As the holidays approach, most of us will get busier and possibly have to travel. Take time out and plan ahead so you can make the holidays easier on your pets.
8. Visitors. If you have a pet that has special needs or is wary of new people, be sure to tell your guests about your pet before they come over.
9. Make sure your pets can’t escape through the main entrance of your home. This is especially important if you plan on having several guests in and out of the house this holiday season. It may be worth investing in a baby gate or creating some kind of barrier –especially if you have a pet that’s a known flight risk.
10. Be careful with decorations. Many shiny new decorations look like really fun toys to your pets. Make sure decorations are out of reach because many of them contain toxic metals and can become choking hazards.