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Yeah, it's a cute tag, but is it really POWERFUL?


Guess what the second fastest way is to get your pet home in one day or less (after physically searching)?  A physical ID tag on their collar.  

Dogs: Always assume LOST. Cat: Might be just exploring.


Every year, millions of dogs and cats end up lost. Some are found quickly, but many aren't, land in shelters, and the outcomes are not always so good. 

Make good choices when you're scared? Neither do pets.


Sometimes pets get lost because of a flight response to a perceived threat in their environment. So how do you find a terrified animal?

Natural disasters are rude and arrive "unannounced"


Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Fires. Floods. Landslides. Hurricanes that take unexpected turns. Are you and your pet prepared for a worst case scenario?

Wait, Natural is Good, Right?!?


We want food and treats that are healthy, responsible, and sustainable. We want natural. And that is part of the challenge.

Your Cat Prolly Wants Out. Don't Do It.


More so than other pets, cats are ill equipped to deal with the heat and humidity that blankets most of the country throughout the summer months. 

What is Your Pet Trying to Tell You?


Dogs do have their own ways of communicating with us and letting us know what is going on. Learn what your dog’s body language is trying to tell you. 

Ultimate safety net. NOT fail-proof.


There are MANY misconceptions about microchips. One myth is that they will always get a lost pet home.  Learn what you DON'T know about microchips. 

Aren't all dog toys good for puppies? Nope.


PetHub's team is puppy obsessed and experienced. They've  explored the world of puppy toys and have selected some of their absolute favorites.

Heaven help anyone trying to help her get home.


Penny is a reactive dog. Yes, she’s ridiculously cute,  But she is also borderline Cujo when she meets new people. Not a good "lost pet" scenario.

Velcro dogs. You love being loved but NEED to detach.


Separation anxiety is one of the most common canine behavioral issues pet parents work through with their dogs. Here's how help your pet who suffer.

Run away. Zig zag. Lay down. Dog tricks? No. YOURS.


Harper's co-founder and experienced dog trainer maps out 7 concrete strategies for helping bring your on-the-run pup back to you quickly.