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Wanna have a chill & safe pet? Make them THINK.


It’s our job to make sure we provide our pets with the tools they need to stay safe and engaged when life looks different for them, too. Here are some basics to keep in mind.

What happens to your pet when you are gone?


Have you planned who care for your pets if you have a major illness or worse? Unexpected things happen. Planning ahead for your pet's care is critical.

Get in the car, dude. We've got some explorin' to do!


Author: Courtney Heitter from

Know these situations BEFORE your dog goes missing.


Sure, every doggo is unique and the best pup EVAH. Still, there are some frequent storylines for a dog that's AWOL (absent without a leash). 

Cuz, NO, a microchip by itself ISN'T enough


Sure, some cats slip off a collar faster than you strip out of sweaty gym gear, but you should never skip the protection a good collar & ID bring. 

TBF, my screaming during football games IS terrifying


Learn how to help desensitize dogs to loud noises. Help your dog conquer fireworks, loud music, cars backfiring, and more by taking these 3 easy steps.

Do you know cat CPR? Doggie heimlich? Stopping bleeding?


While pet first aid is by no means a replacement for competent vet care, there are some things you can do until they can get proper medical attention.

#1: Make them an indoor kitty. Outdoor = leash.


Cats are curious creatures and always on the lookout for a new adventure, but that daredevil spirit often leads them straight to trouble. 

Sweater weather, gorgeous leaves, and hidden dangers.


As summer fades into fall and temperatures drop, it’s important that pet owners, especially new ones, are fully aware of the unique dangers of autumn.

My pet just needs a microchip, right? NO!


Here at PetHub, we compare pet identification to a four-legged stool. Would you feel safe sitting on a stool that only has one leg? Probably not.

Houseplant hunting cats and other precarious sitches


Your dog is a dumpster diving master. Your cat has never met a bouquet it can't shred in 2 minutes. But both pet pastimes are potentially dangerous.

Pets have a surprisingly negative impact on the earth


Pet dogs have carbon pawprints double that of a typical SUV. Cats are equal to driving a compact car for a year. So what can you do to less the impact?