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Finding a purr-fect sitter for your vacay can be RUFF.


Vacations are a time to relax, unwind and switch off — but for many pet parents, trying to find reliable and safe pet care you can trust can be stressful! 

Aromatherapy can ease an injured pet quickly


You probably know what obvious basics should be in your pet first aid kit. But did you know that essential oils can be a safe and effective addition?
Lost Pet Alerts to Community Shelters, Vets & More


When your pet goes missing, there is no time to waste. So we have made reporting your lost pet and creating a lost pet poster easy and fast!

Yes, your dog needs more toys. Especially THESE toys.


Dog toys can be essential tools for different needs, situations and enrichment that can help with Lost Pet Prevention. We LUV these four from Soda Pup.
Swank digs, DogTV, tons o'toys. Would YOU ever leave?


An enriched environment can prevent your dog from running away from home and getting lost (and, let's face it, it's more fun for you, too).

Pro tip: DON'T leave puppy-prep to the last minute.


It had been years since we'd had a puppy, so we had to get prepped. Here's our must-have products to have before a puppy joins your household.

For many dogs, the 4th is the worst day. EVER.


If your dog is fearful of fireworks AND an naturally anxious pup, you may dread any holiday that involves fireworks and loud noises. 

Magnet for lost pets? You NEED to read this.


Prep for the day you find a lost pet just by adding a few items to the emergency kit you keep in your car for your own pets (you have one, right??).

Missing stuff. Stressed human. Moving sucks for dogs.


Downsizing your home can be stressful for you, and SUPER stressful for your doggo, too! Adapting to changing environments can be challenging. 

Do you know what to do when your pet gets hurt?


Pets are resilient creatures, Often they need less care for non-life-threatening injuries. It’s still important to learn to administer first aid.

Senior dogs = puppies (Cuz all doggos are young at heart!)


Toys, comfort-care, travel gear and more, our PetHub team shares some of our older pups tried and tested, favorite and well loved products! 

"I OWN that stink, Mom. I worked hard on it!"


Not everyone wants to snuggle with a stinky doggo. We've got some tips on what "normal" smells are and how to take care of those not-so-pleasant smells.