Why We Use Veterinary Telehealth


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Why We Use Veterinary Telehealth

You already know that traditional veterinary visits can be costly, especially if your pet requires multiple appointments or emergency services after-hours. The benefits of veterinary telehealth are endless, starting with convenience, on-demand scheduling, and cost-savings. You can learn more about the benefits of using veterinary telehealth in this helpful introduction article.


With telehealth, you may be able to resolve minor issues right from home. Check out some of the scenarios members of the PetHub team have experienced where Veterinary Telehealth could help!


Scenario #1 - On-going Issue - Should I be Worried?


  • ​Your pet has had an issue for awhile now and seems "off"," but is it a big deal?
  • You really want some professional advice (you've already tried a lot of what Dr. Google has to offer)
  • Taking a cat to the vet is a BATTLE and expensive - you don't want to endure either if you don't have to

Here’s what a PetHub team member had to share:


"Our cat, Artemis, had trouble using the litter box. We cleaned the litter box to make sure it wasn’t a hygiene issue, we monitored her food and water intake, and even saw her actually jump into the box and try several times, but with no luck. As of 9:30 that evening, Artemis was starting to withdraw and act a little out-of-sorts. We were worried, but we couldn’t really determine if it was an emergency situation yet, and with the nearest 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital being over an hour away, we wanted to be certain it really was an emergency before putting her through the stress of a long drive and hospital visit. 



tabby cat wearing a PetHub tag and looking at the camera


With the Wellness Tools subscription, we jumped online right from our PetHub account and talked to an actual qualified, certified, licensed veterinary professional. We explained what’s going on, the vet asked some questions about Artemis, what food she’s eating, and related concerns. The vet recommended that we give Artemis something immediate to help with her current discomfort, and then suggested that we change Artemis’ regular food to a particular type which is formulated specifically to reduce the types of tummy issues Artemis is experiencing on her current food. They even told us where we can find the recommended food. Problem solved, and we (and Artemis) went to sleep that night with a big weight off our shoulders – no appointment or emergency vet visit necessary!


Scenario #2 - Weird Sudden Symptoms After Hours - Should I head to the emergency room?


  • ​A worrisome symptom developed quickly in a pet
  • Wait times at the nearest emergency vet, based on triaged intakes was upwards of eight hours
  • The symptom (hives) was the start of a life-long fight with environmental allergies. Regular telehealth conversations would have been more convenient to track progress and issues than in-person visits

Another PetHub team member shared a time when she wished a telehealth visit was an option for her pup, Bean:


I took Bean out to go potty after the workday wrapped up, which meant that most regular veterinary offices were closed, or about to close. After an uneventful trip outside, I looked at Bean and saw what seemed like HUNDREDS of welts all over her body. What happened? What am I looking at? Panicked, I grabbed Bean, some treats, and a granola bar for myself, and we hit the road. The nearest emergency vet hospital was an hour away and like most regular emergency rooms, it operates using a triage system. While my bumpy girl was super scary for me, it wasn’t as urgent as the dog being brought in on a stretcher or some of the other wild situations that came up that night.


We were at the emergency vet for a total of seven hours. When the veterinarian saw her, he quickly determined she had hives from an allergic reaction and administered a liquid form of Benadryl. He shared that I could administer Benadryl if she had hives in the future (making sure to explain proper dosage information) and wrapped up our time being seen.



Black and tan dashchund wearing a PetHub tag and looking at the camera


Had I utilized a telehealth resource like what PetHub Wellness Tools have to offer, I could have at the very least, known an at-home medication that would help my pet with her hives and also know that a trip to the emergency vet likely wasn’t necessary. 


These are just two examples when a telehealth conversation with a veterinarian by phone, chat or video chat could help a pet parent to decide the best next step for them and their pet. PetHub’s Wellness Tools offer a convenient, cost-effective, and practical solution to your pet’s healthcare needs. Whether it’s a minor issue like a bout of hives or a more severe condition, the ability to consult with a licensed veterinarian via telehealth can help put your mind at ease and save you both time and money. As the PetHub team members experienced, having access to a virtual consultation can mean the difference between a stressful, costly emergency vet visit or a simple and effective solution right from the comfort of your own home. So why not give it a try and see for yourself how PetHub’s Wellness Tools can benefit you and your furry family members? After all, a happy and healthy pet means a happy and healthy you!


For those times when you do need to visit a veterinary office, we always recommend your pets have insurance. Check out our fast and convenient insurance comparison tool to get your paws on the best plan for you and your pet.