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New Knowledge Base launched! (and other ways to find help)

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New Knowledge Base launched! (and other ways to find help)

We love your feedback to help us get better and making easier to use, assist you in quickly finding answers to your questions, and reaching an actual human being when time is of the essence.

New Knowledge Base Launched!

One of the newest features to help you find answers to commonly asked questions is the "Knowledge Base" hosted by the company we use for our online chat, ticket support system, and phone system ("LiveAgent").  You can search through helpful articles by visiting

Chat / Email System

If it's during business hours and we're not already chatting with other users, you will see a Chat icon at the lower-left of your window.  Clicking this icon will open a window allowing you to type back and forth with one of our agents to help get your question answered.  If an agent is not currently available, the icon will look like an envelope and allow you to type a message to us that will go into our support ticketing system so that it won't fall through the cracks.

Call Us for Tech Support

Also available during our normal business hours of 9am to 5pm (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday, is our support phone line.  You may either click the "Call Us" tile on the left side of your browser window to be connected with an available agent through your computer, or use your phone to reach us at 866-795-8440.

Contact Us Form

If you have a question but don't need to speak with someone immediately and you're fine handling it through email, you may simply use our Contact Us Form to send us your details.

The "Help?" Tab

Last, but certainly not least, is the "Help?" tab floating on the right side of your browser window. Clicking that link provides some of the same information as we've provided here. It also allows you to click on specific sections of the screen as you type your question. That way, when we answer your question, future users can see a question was asked about a particular button or menu or other feature along with the answer we provided.

If you have any other thoughts about how we can make things easier, we recognize 1 person willing to take the time to invest that feedback in us means there are probably 100 others who did not take that time. Your feedback is precious to us so please know that we read every email, support ticket, and question submitted through whatever means we've provided here. We thank you in advance for investing your time to help us get better.

- The PetHub Team

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