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Welcome! We are experimenting to see what level of participation we find when offering forums to our fellow pack members who want to share or ask advice around being pet owners. Please post your thoughts by creating a new topic or replying with a comment to an existing topic. It takes a village to raise our kids, including our four-legged furry kids. wink

Thank you for being a member of our pack!

- The PetHub Team

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Welcome to PetHub Forums (beta)

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Welcome to PetHub Forums (beta)

In an on-going effort to continue to deliver value to our Pack Members, we are experimenting with discussion forums to help build our community of pet owners helping pet owners.

This is what is referred to as a "Beta" launch which means we're putting these forums out there without fanfare so that we may improve through your feedback. Then, and only then, will we promote it and direct more traffic to these pages.

Here's how you can help:

  • What forum topics should we add?
  • Are you personally interested in being a forum moderator? (if so, which one?)*
  • What other features should we add?

As you explore this new feature of, please keep the above questions in mind so that we can continue to improve as we grow together. It takes a village to raise our pets and we hope to be that community for you.

Thank you,
Tom Arnold

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